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Matt Groening
96 Pages
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks
(October 2005)
ISBN: 0060748206
Price: S$21.00 (Available in Borders)





A colleague wouldn’t believe that anyone in the right mind would pay 21 bucks for this book which I proudly paraded in the office.

But upon reading the first few pages of this book from “The Simpsons Library of Wisdon”, she found herself giggling at the enjoyably juvenile fun that appears on every other page.

Ralph Wiggum (okay, it’s Matt Groening doing all the writing) enlightens us mere mortals on poetry, homemade presents, science, love, leprechauns, and embrace yourself for this – nose picking. It doesn’t matter whether you are 12 or 120; the good-natured stupidity of this book will have provide you with endless fun and laughter. It helps that Ralph looks adorably retarded with his innocently big eyes and bowl-cut hair.

Check out how dangerously violent his summer vacation was, how his dream house should include a piranha pond and a tower to put a princess, how he looks when he’s delighted/angry/surprised/confident/anxious, and how he wants to be Mr. Lisa Simpson when he grows up.

Sure, Ralph may not be the smartest kid you know. The book he (can we just pretend that it’s not Groening’s brilliant creation?) writes isn’t as intellectual as The Da Vinci Code or exciting as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. But I think it’s a must-own for any self-respecting humour-genre collector.

And my colleague thinks so too.


Backyard Buddies: I have lots of friends who I play with... until they run away. But when I’m alone, I don’t hardly cry much, because I can always play with my… Robby the Rocket Ship (He takes me to the Moon and smells like thrown-up M & Ms inside); Horny Toad (Only, Daddy says to call him “Get It On” toad, because “horny” is a bad word. He used to crawl around a lot, but now he’s always sleeping. I painted him purple!); Bart Simpson (But he only comes over to play “Hide Ralph in the prickly bushes”- or when Daddy gets a new supply of tear gas canisters).


Ralph Wiggum is the boy you’d want to bully and love at the same time. His book is a hoot. Go on, we know you want to own all the books in “The Simpsons Library of Wisdom” series. 

Review by John Li


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