KENNETH TSANG (曾江) (1935 - 2022)

Veteran Hong Kong actor Kenneth Tsang (曾江) was found dead in a quarantine hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday noon after flying in from Singapore on 25 April.  

With a career that spanned over 60 years, Tsang has starred in countless (maybe over 100) Chinese movies ("A Better Tomorrow"), classic TVB dramas liked "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" and even Hollywood movies including "Rush Hour 2", "The Replacement Killers" and "Die Another Day".

To local viewers, he was best known for starring in several Mediacorp dramas, "The Teochew Family", "The Unbeatables II", "The New Adventures of Wisely" and our local director Chai Yee Wai's Blood Ties.  

Tsang can also be seen in Man On The Edge, a crime thriller which is still making its run in local cinemas. 

RIP Mr Tsang for the memories.

A selection of some of his past works:

DETECTIVE CHINATOWN 2 (唐人街探案2) (2018)


FOR A FEW BULLETS (快手枪手快枪手) (2016)

OVERHEARD 3 (窃听风云3) (2014)

OVERHEARD 2 (窃听风云2) (2011)

PRINCE OF TEARS (淚王子) (2010)

KUNGFU DUNK (功夫灌篮) (2008)

THE DRUMMER (战‧鼓) (2007)