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Starring: Watchara Tangkaprasert, Jirapat Wongpaisarnluk, Chalat Na Songkla, Sorachai Sang-arkad, Nuttanund Chantarawetch, Nuttaree Wiboonlert
Director: Preaw Sirisuwan
Rating: M18 (Some Sexual Scenes)
Year Made: 2006








Languages: Thai
Subtitles: English/Chinese
Sound: -
Running Time: -
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Scorpio East




When the murder of his father brings Wut back to his hometown, painful secrets return to haunt him. Old enemies like Nasor, a deranged prison escapee and psychopath comes back to seek revenge on Wut. Wut follows Nasor to the mystical forest, where the latter lurks but is faced with evil spirits in the forest. Wut has to race against time and fight against an ancient evil in order to bring Nasor to justice...


When does a filmmaker realize that he is going to make a bad film? Is it the moment he finishes reading the screenplay? Is it the moment he begins casting the main characters? Is it the moment he shouts “cut” after his camera starts to roll? Is it the moment he first sits in the editing suite with all the rushes he shot? Or is it the moment he begins reading the slew of bad reviews after the film is released?

No matter what, Thai director Pleo Sirisuwan must have learnt that his 2006 action thriller horror is one bad picture everyone loves to hate.

Check out the plot: Led by a local guide, a policeman ventures into the scary woods to track down a group of convicts. Little does the motley crew know that there are scary creatures in the woods which will terrorize them in ways they’ve never imagined.

Having said that, the yucky creatures scared us quite a bit too.

The first yucky moment comes half an hour into the 99-minute movie, where a swarm of scary wasps attacked the characters, literally tearing the flesh off one of the character’s head. The second yucky moment comes in the form of little alligators that crept down tree trunks and threw themselves all over the remaining survivors. Following that, terror continues in the form of fruit tree spirits, a giant serpent and some possessed local villagers who turned into monsters when there is a full moon.

Everything just becomes more ridiculous, if you ask us.

What began as an average effort to create some computer-generated creatures became a nonsensical and pompous affair where viewers cannot help but laugh at the silliness of the whole plot change. What began as a simple vengeance story ultimately mutates into a time travel misadventure where viewers give up caring about logic and story development.

It is easy for reviewers to bash this Thai production, but we are sure there must have been somewhere in the process of making it when the filmmaker saw this coming.


English and Chinese subtitles don’t really count as special features, do they?


We never thought we’d say this, but the visual transfer of this movie onto DVD only made us feel like we are watching it on VCD. The somewhat muffled Thai audio track didn’t help a lot either.



Review by John Li



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This review is made possible with the kind support from Scorpio East


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