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The soft-spoken Kevin Cheng from "Burning Flame II" and "Yummy Yummy" is touted as the next "big" star given his chiselled good looks and prolific roles. And from this interview, we can see why...

MX: If given a choice of re-choosing your career path, would you choose to become an actor and singer again? Or to be specific, what kind of jobs would you choose?

Kevin: Although I did make a lot of mistakes in the past, I would still prefer to stay as an actor and singer. Because I learnt from my mistakes and all these mistakes I committed made me a stronger person. And I truly enjoyed my career as an actor. I feel that I understand myself from a better point of view now.

MX: We heard that your favourite movie is “Fight Club”. Between both actors, Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, who do you admire the most?

Kevin: Both actually. I really admire these 2 actors whom are much diversified in their careers. Brad can be a warrior in “Troy” and also a cop in “Seven” and Norton as a psycho altar-boy in “Primal Fear” and also taking up an extreme role in “American X”.

MX: You have played a wide range of roles from Mr Nice Guy to baddie. Any other role which you have in mind to attempt?

Kevin: So long it’s a good role. Take for example, being a baddie. The role must be dimensional enough and convincing to the audience that in real-life, there is someone existing like that. To me, this is a very good role to portray.

MX: If someone is willing to invest in a movie written by you, what sort of genre will you attempt?

Kevin: I will do an action and romance genre. Action is my fave. I don’t mind being the lead or just stay behind the camera.

MX: What’s your take on the notorious media industry in HK?

Kevin: Accept it. What can you seriously do to them? If they (the paparazzi) are so interested in my daily routine life then let them follow me all the time. The last thing I want to do is to provoke them because that’s what they want in the first place, to create more news.

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