: : TVB STAR TOUR 2006 : :

We waited almost an hour to interview the ravishingly beautiful Kenix Kwok from popular serials such as "Revolving Doors of Vengeance" and "At the Threshold of An Era". So this 5 minutes interview session is definitely "precioussssssss".....(On a side note: Thanks to Miss Faith for assisting us with this interview. Simply because our command of Cantonese is hopeless!)

MX: You have been in this industry for 10 over years, do you believe in sticking to one career in your lifetime or otherwise?

Kenix: Not necessary because being an actress has a privilege to allow you to do a lot of other kind of works for example involving in charity works etc.

MX: You look ravishingly beautiful on screen and in real-life. Do you have any secrets to maintaining your beauty? Like to share some of your secrets to our female fans?

Kenix: Besides the usual moisturizing of the skin, you have to possess a positive outlook in your life, enough sleep and playtime. And also don’t pick your food, have a balance diet.

MX: Of these 3 actors namly, Dao Tai Yu, Bobby Au and Joe Ma De Zong whom you have shared a number of serials with, who do you think shared the best chemistry with you??

Kenix: I guess the trio has very different styles. For screen presence, I think pairing with Joe Ma is the best. But I shared the best chemistry with Dao Tai Yu and for comedies, pairing with Bobby Au works the best. It’s hard to work with Bobby especially in dramas.

MX: What’s your next drama serial? Can reveal the role/character you are playing?

Kenix: I will be hosting this property related program which is into its 3rd season called “Living Up”. For the drama side, I’m still waiting for a good script.

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