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The first of our interview rounds, we met Frankie. The actor who stars in the current "Ten Brothers", "The Herbalist's Manual" and the 1990 classic, "Challenge of Life". From the way he talks, we can see he's a very devoted family man and a real veteran in the industry...

MX: You spent almost 4 years filming “Virtues of Harmony”, what’s your opinion on filming a long running series as compared to the usual 20-30 episodes drama serial?

Frankie: Being an actor, it’s a luxury to have a wider choice of roles to attempt. Unfortunately, if you are engaged to a long-running series, that means you are committed to the same role for say, three years as compared to the usual three months for an average drama serial. And for an active person like me, that’s pretty strenuous.

MX: A lot of HK stars are going to China to participate in their productions. In a way, expanding their fan base. Do you have any plans to venture into their market?

Frankie: I’m a very family-oriented person including my wife, Kenix. I don’t see myself as a person who can go to China (filming) for long periods of time and only return to HK occasionally to visit my family. I prefer to stay rooted in HK, undeniably there is a very large market in mainland China waiting to be explored.

MX: Now that Lee Ang’s Brokeback Mountain is such a hot topic. Given a choice, do you think you will take up a homosexual role in a serial or movie?

Frankie: No…I think it’s much better and natural to see a man and a woman hugging each other onscreen. On the contrary, if the script is good then the risk of taking up such a controversial role is worthwhile for an actor. It’s a great challenge in fact.

MX: You started out in the industry because of a Super Talent contest. Any advice for want to be actors and actress?

Frankie: Besides the usual hardwork, I believed you still need a lot of luck. Possessing good looks might not help after all. A renowned producer, Wong Tian Lin (Father of Director Wong Jing) once told us that there won’t be chances for you to shine if you don’t have luck. There are at least 4o students graduating from drama classes each year and only a minimum number of 4 remains in the industry. Because most of them either give up halfway or remain as virtually unknowns in front of the camera so luck is a very important factor for an actor.

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