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You might be not familiar with the name, Elaine Yiu Tze Ling but this bubbly, spunky young lady could be the next actress to look out for given her multi-tasking skills such as acting and hosting.

MX: From the info we got, we heard you can speak Cantonese, Mandarin and Taiwaneses, where do you learn all these languages from?

Elaine: My mum is a Taiwanese so I get the chance to speak Mandarin and Taiwaneses (Hokkien) since young.

MX: Can share with us which one is your favourite drama serial among those you have acted in and why?

Elaine: It should be “Revolving Doors of Vengeance”. Because the character is slightly different from the ones I did before, it’s far more challenging since it’s my first time portraying a character that slowly transformed herself from good to evil. And I have the good fortune of having veteran actors dishing out advice to me and I actually learnt a lot from them.

MX: What kind of character do you look forward in portraying?

Elaine: I prefer to gear towards roles in comedy. Simply because of the fact that I loved comedies and my bubbly character suits it.

MX: So is your idol Jim Carrey or Stephen Chow?

No, in fact my idol is Anthony Wong. He’s such a versatile actor, he can be so serious and funny at the same time. And he can tackle all sorts of roles that are given to him.

MX: Which actor and actress do you most look forward to work with in TVB?

Elaine: Bobby Au. He’s a loveable guy to be with everyday and he’s very fun to work with. For actress, I will choose Lisa Wang. But I’m sure it will be very stressful to be working with her because she’s such a perfect person. I have to get myself fully prepared if I’m working with her.

MX: Do you feel any difference walking on the streets before and after you became a celebrity?

Elaine: No. I try to be myself and be natural while out on the streets just like before. Sometimes, I do have fans that come up to me and to me, that’s pretty encouraging.

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