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BY YOUR SIDE (Mandarin)


Artist: Jacky Cheung
What's Music
Year Release: January 26 2007





Looking To Fate
Original Sinner
By Your Side
There’s A Place
It Really Cannot Be Solved With Love?
Long Time No See
I Don’t Wanna Be
An Unfinished Lesson
Worry Song
Wishing Us Longevity


If anyone asks for a name in the Hong Kong showbiz who can act as well as he can sing, only one artiste comes to mind.

Jacky Cheung.

After impressing us with his powerfully emotional vocals on the soundtrack of Peter Chan’s Perhaps Love (2005), the Heavenly King is back with his latest Mandarin album, and here is our assurance that the wait is well worth it.

Take note though, the Cheung’s signature big and heavy numbers will be sorely missed in this 36-minute album. What have replaced those potential karaoke tunes are some light tracks that do not feature Cheung’s familiar groundbreaking vocals.

Singing the titular theme song for Kevin Chu’s film Wishing Us Longevity (2006) which commemorates the unfortunate Tang Shan earthquake 30 years ago, Cheung moves listeners with hope amidst the tragedy. Incidentally, the poem verse was originally sung by the late Teresa Teng and performed by Faye Wong in a 1995 cover. In this new rendition featuring a new melody, Cheung takes on a different approach, concluding the album in a somber tone accompanied by heartbreaking piano solos.

Before this track are nine other tracks like the funky and energetic “Looking To Fate” and “Worry Song” where you can hear Cheung rap (!) and presenting a younger and hipper side which older listeners may not be too familiar (or too comfortable!) with.

There are also quieter moments like “By Your Side”, “There’s A Place” and “Long Time No See” which will prove to be evergreen hits.

Give this short album a few listens, and you’d be awed by how far the “God of Songs” has come. While it is evident that the family man has not been taking on many movie and music projects the last few years, you can feel that for every one that he is involved in, there is one hundred percent sincerity.

Although it has been long time no see, he has always been by your side. And that is what is truly important.


Review by John Li


Highlights from Jacky Cheung's By Your Side Autograph Session @ Bugis

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