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Long Time No See, Jacky

You know Hong Kong actor-singer Jacky Cheung is good at what he does.

A quick look at his filmography justifies that. He stars in hit movies like Blacky Ko’s comedy Curry Pepper (1990), Ann Hui’s drama July Rhapsody (2002) and Peter Chan’s musical Perhaps Love (2005). He also bags awards like a 1989 Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actor for his role in Wong Kar Wai’s As Tears Go By, as well as a 1991 Taiwan Golden Horse Film Festival Best Supporting Actor for his role in Tsui Hark’s Swordsman.

As if that isn’t enough, the 45-year-old family man is a regular at regional music awards, and is fondly known as the “God of Songs”.

Recently in Singapore for a whirlwind 24-hour promotional tour for his latest Mandarin album “By Your Side” and upcoming concert in July, Moviexclusive.com had the opportunity to catch the fever at his one and only autograph session here.

After a frenzied schedule of attending a press conference and conducting interviews in the day, Cheung makes his way to thousands of perspiring fans at Bugis Junction who are hoping to catch a glimpse of the Heavenly King.

After a brief introduction of how he feels both “tired and shiok” taking on the role of the producer director for this album, five lucky fans chosen from a radio contest are ushered on stage where they presented “love messages” to Cheung.

Clad in a vibrant floral shirt, Cheung coyly accepts the specially-written cards with his signature politeness and sincere gratitude. He also gamely poses for the camera and even initiates by making his way down stage for a better angle.

To please the hordes of fans who are waiting to get their albums signed, Cheung affectionately sang a few verses of his new song “Long Time No See”, even though it is not planned in the night’s programme lineup. Listening him sing “live” definitely made everyone’s long wait worthwhile.

It has been three years since Chueng came to our sunny island for an album promotional tour. And judging by the enthusiasm of the successful autograph session, as long as Cheung remains the inspirational figure he is years down the road, it doesn’t matter if it is a case of “long time no see”.

Jacky Cheung's latest mandarin album "By Your Side" is now available in record stores islandwide and is reviewed

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