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Director: Park Jin-pyo
Starring: Jeon Do-youn, Hwang Jung-min
Rating: M18 (Scenes of Intimacy)
Year Made: 2005




- Trailer




Languages: Korean
Subtitles: English/Chinese
Aspect Ratio: 4x3 Letterbox
Sound: Korean Dolby Digital 2.0
Running Time: 2 hrs 3 mins
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Comstar Entertainment




Based on a true story. Suk-jung (HWANG Jung-min, "A Bittersweet Life") a simple country fellow, falls instantly in love with the beautiful Eun-ha (JEON Do-youn, "Untold Scandal")when he sees her working at a local coffee shop. Even when Suk-jung realises that Eun-ha provides more service to the male customers than just coffee, heasks Eun-ha for her hand in marriage. Eun-ha who doesn't believe in love at first, slowly starts to open up to Suk-jung's sincerity. Just when they start to live happily as man and wife, Eun-ha's dark past comes back to haunt them. Unable to handle the guilt of her past, Eun-ha leaves Suk-jung. But he resolves to win her back even after discovering she is HIV-positive.


Sometimes, we wonder whether there has been any research done on Korean weepies. You know; those Korean dramas which are bound to make any sentimental human being reach out for a tissue paper or two while watching them? Why do they always make people cry when viewers already know what to expect? Why do they always make people go “awww…” when the genre has been presented on screen repeatedly?

After viewing this 121-minute movie, we can only come to a conclusion that human beings have a strange liking to feel miserable about their lives, or about others’ lives, for that matter. While most weepies count on pretty faces to carry the show, this one surprisingly does not. And the results? It works just as well, if not, better.

The story chronicles the love between a country bumpkin (played by Hwang Jung-min, who is not your typical Korean hunk) and a street-smart call-girl (played by Jeon Do-youn, who struts her stuff beautifully in the movie). He is a simple ranch owner who wishes to get married to her, despite her work nature. They fall in love and get married within the first hour of the movie.

Now, for the essential ingredient of weepies – The Twist. Like all other “Twists”, this one is nothing you would not expect. The girl’s dirty past catches up with her and to make things worse, she is tested HIV-positive. Will true love prevail in the face of death? Will the couple overcome all odds and find salvation in each other?

No matter how the movie ends, you know you are in for a good weep. The winning formula here is the director’s ability to pace the movie steadily. In the first hour, we get lovey-dovey scenes of the two leads. In the second hour, it switches gear and makes you feel that life can be such a cruel thing at times. You will not be surprised with this somewhat unoriginal plot (which happens to be based on a true story in Korea), but you will still find yourself rooting for the two of them.

Hwang is an amazing watch – witness his transformation from an earnest dimwit to an angst-ridden man, before breaking down emotionally before his brutal fate. Jeon is also a joy to watch, given her pixie-like looks. She exudes an innocent and seductive personality which will make boys smile from ear to ear.

What is a good weepie without some scenic backdrops? Falling snowflakes, beautiful white petals and the carefree mood of the countryside will please viewers who like their movies to look pretty.

Although this is only director Park Jin-pyo’s third movie, you know he will be back very soon. The demand for romance dramas is there, so why not supply it, especially if you can do it well? 


Only a two-and-a-half minute trailer which sums up the plot of the movie is included in this Code 3 DVD.


The movie is presented in Korean Dolby Digital 2.0 and the visual transfer is fine, so your weepie experience would not be marred by the DVD’s audio or visual technical aspects.



Review by John Li



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