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Seth Grahame-Smith
176 Pages
Publisher: Quirk Books (September 2006)
ISBN: 0425212181
Price: S$28.25 (Available in Borders)





Bet that you had ever wanted to be a superhero at least once in your lifetime. Most guys would agree with that, especially during their juvenile years. Among all the popular superheroes, most teenagers would probably identify and relate to Spider-Man / Peter Parker as he is less dark and omnipotent compared to the other superheroes.

Let’s take that daydream a step further and consider this; what if you had just inherited the same radioactive spider power as Peter Parker did? What if you were bitten by a radioactive spider?

Now Pete Parker / Spider-Man had gone through many tough tribulations and wouldn’t you like to learn some valuable lesson from him? Lessons like crime fighting and choosing a superhero identity?

Well all this information and lot more are compiled into a handbook that make your foray into the superhero world a whole lot more easier than what Peter Parker had underwent.

With this handbook, you get to learn how to roll with the punches (incase your spidey sense couldn’t prevent you from getting punched) or how to place a tracking device on your stalking subjects? Superhero duties aside, it even give you some advice on how to handle a relationship.

All this in step by step instruction and some even come with illustrations. As a novice with Spidey power, life can’t get any easier.

But of course, one must separate the fantasy from reality and not perform some of the feats that are taught in this handbook, particularly jumping from rooftop to rooftop or scaling a high-rise building. At least wait until you have been bitten by a radioactive spider.


“Pete had to learn all of his spider - lessons through trial and (more often) error. Lucky for you, fearless reader, this book is designed to spare you the bumps and bruises of the Spider-Man learning curve – accrue fraught with villainous geniuses, gun-wielding thugs, venomous robot babies, and past-due notices. The following pages will teach you how to defect them all. They will teach you how to keep your marriage together, if you’re into that sort of thing.”


This handbook contains randomly inserted information on Spider-Man’s most well known villain such as Venom and The Sandman (which incidently will be featured in the latest Spider-Man’s Movie).

In this one page information that contain tidbits such as when was their first appearance in the comics realm and the nature of their power. There are also a brief summary of their history with Spider-man. Nuff Said!


Since Spider-man 3 will be hitting town in a few months time, it will be just the right book for the casual readers to pick up to get into groove of things. But of course, it does feel like this book is steered for the more juvenile crowds, so be warned if you are already a serious fan who knew almost everything about Spider-man.

Review by Richard Lim Jr


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