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Grant Curtis
240 Pages
Publisher: Chronicle Books (April 26, 2007)
ISBN: 0811857778
Price: S$74.70 (Available in all good bookstores)




Some sequels just get better and better. There's few and far in the history of motion pictures. But in my humble opinion, the Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" series apparently belonged to one of those.

The main diffference between "Behind the mask of Spider-Man", "Caught in the web" (the first two making of books of the movies) and "The Spider-Man Chronicles", the latter happens to be written by one of the producers himself, Grant Curtis.

Unlike other writers, Curtis of course has a better grasp of the stuff behind the fabricated world of Spidey because the man is involved in the production from day one or should I say since the production of the first movie.

Let Curtis transport you to his absorbing accounts of the script-writing process to the casting to his daily journal of the various shooting days. It's pretty amazing how much work goes behind the reel. Take for example, there were lots of script revisions prior to shooting, one which involved "The Vulture" as the main villian, Sir Ben Kingsley were even offered the role!

Of course, an art and making of book can't really do without pictures and photo stills so there you have it, pages after pages of sketches, art works, prototypes, movie stills inserted between the words to whet the spidey-geek in you.

Just a slight caution though, the book itself contains minor spoilers so if you have the intention to go in the theater with a fresh perspective, you might need to first leave aside "The Spider-Man Chronicles".


"On March 15 2005, the Vulture was officially removed from the story. Venom became the mainstay. Eddie Brock was Peter's contemporary, his co-worker. That's one of my favourite parts about Venom."


Populated with lots of detailed descriptions, information and pictures, "The Spider-Man Chronicles" can be a tad wordy at times. But when you are talking about a billion-dollar spinning franchise, you simply can't afford to let a few words represent that obscene amount of digits.

All in all, this book is definitely for Spidey's fans worldwide and a worthy companion to the movie.

Review by Linus Tee


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"The Spider-man Chronicles"
is available in all good bookstores


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