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Laeta Kalogridis
Christopher Shy
168 Pages
Publisher: Dark Horse (July 2006)
ISBN: 1593076711
Price: S$39.95 (Available in Borders)





Vikings are often seen as wild savages with their iconic horned helmet, conquering almost all the lands that they ever sailed to. It makes a surprising discovery when this graphic novel started this tale of Vikings with a historic note that the Vikings never invaded America. The reason for that was the young boy that got left behind on the American soils.

The only survivor of a shipwrecked maroon in the American soil, this boy was taken care of by the local Indians. Raised as their own, the little Viking boy grew up in the Indian tradition and was immersed a different culture from his own. Although the boy, named as Ghost for his pale European skin, called his new family and tribe as his own, he was forever shunned from his “own” people.

That is until his people turned up again to reclaim what was lost many years ago and thus the clash between the Vikings and the Indian warriors known as the Pathfinder. Now Ghost had to figure out his allegiance was to people that took care of him or his real own tribesmen.

It’s pretty easy to figure out which side wills the lead character take, given the predictable set up and a love interest thrown into the mix. The final outcome of this tale was already “revealed” at the start of this graphic novel, leaving only the readers with only anticipation of the bravery and wits that this group of Indian could do to fend for themselves against the overwhelming Vikings. But even that was a let down.

Partly it has something to do with the art. While it’s an artistic thumb up to have realistic facial images painted with dark gloomy pale color, it doesn’t really work well in the action sequences. The framing sequences and the artwork also made it hard to define Ghost from other Pathfinder characters which could waver the reader’s attention to root for the main character.


“The Norsemen were the most vicious, ruthless raiders in history.

They overran and colonized every place they came into contact with. So explain something to me, if they landed here, six centuries before Columbus - why didn’t they stay?”


Pathfinder is relatively a short read. While it’s nice to look at, the story is a formulaic underdog tale that does not really engages the reader’s emotions. If you are a fan of the movie, Pathfinder, you might want to consider picking up the book during the wait till the Dvd is out or if you are a hardcore fan of the mystical history of the Vikings and the Red Indians, then give this book a try.

Review by Richard Lim Jr


. Pathfinder (Movie Review)



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