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Author: Nicholas Sparks
231 Pages
Publisher: Little Brown (April 12, 2008)
ISBN: 9780751541144
Price: $17.12





Nicholas Sparks’ writings have sold millions worldwide and he has been credited alongside J.K. Rowling for having his books on the New York bestseller chart for over a year.

While Rowling writes about the adventures of a wizard boy, Sparks veers towards the romance genre which are dominated by veterans liked Jackie Collins, Danielle Steel. The secret to Sparks’ success could be attributed to his simplistic, digestible writing style unlike other who weaves their tale in confusing literature wordings and format.

The same goes to "Nights in Rodanthe", the latest Sparks novel to be translated to the big screen following "Message in the Bottle", "A Walk to Remember" and "The Notebook". Written in a third person’s narrative form, it’s a love story of Adrienne Willis, a newly divorced mother and Paul Flanner a surgeon who is embarking on a journey to salvage his relationship with his estranged son, Mark.

The two lost souls happened to spend a weekend at Rodanthe, North Carolina with Adrienne helping to tend the inn on behalf of her best friend while Paul as a guest is here to resolve a pending matter. With an expected storm coming which confined the characters indoors, the reader is easily absorbed into the worlds of Adrienne and Paul with only the two conversing over a glass of wine or coffee for most of the pages and occasional flashbacks to the present.

You could have easily spotted the conventional twist to the story prior to the halfway mark. Nevertheless, Sparks’ ability is to capture your attention and focus solely on Adrienne and Paul while other characters liked Adrienne’s children and Mark is sadly reduced to one-dimensional walk-through individuals.

There’s never a perfect way to tell a story. Perhaps you pray and hope for a different ending to "Nights in Rodanthe" after the last chapter; in that case Sparks has succeeded in creating convincing characters which you really felt for.


"One year," he said,
"and I'll be back. You have my word on that".

"One year," she whispered in response.

He gave her a sad smile then put the car in reverse and with that, the car began backing out. She turned to watch him, aching inside as he stared back at her.

The car turned as it reached the highway and he pressed his hand to the glass one last time. Adrienne raised her hand , watching the car roll forward, away from Rodanthe away from her.


The plot is given a conventional treatment but the tension and sparks between the main characters are what makes the story alive.

Review by Linus Tee


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"Nights In Rodanthe"
is available in all good bookstores


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