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Author: Cecelia Ahern
503 Pages (Reissue)
Publisher: Hyperion
ISBN: 9781401309169
Price: S$17.12





Despite being a best-seller in its native country, the States and UK, Cecelia Ahern’s debut novel never actually received much accolades from the literary circle. Mind you, the Irish young girl was only 22 when the novel was first published.

It’s easy however to understand why the critics hate it so much. The book is amateurish at times, contains lots of clichés and drag on a bit too long. On the other hand, it didn’t pretend itself to be a literary gem to begin with. It’s a simple sappy tale of how a woman gets over the loss of her beloved husband.

For me, never in my life have I imagine myself reading a romance novel. I was more of a Tom Clancy, Dean Koontz kinda guy so it’s a bit far-stretched to even think of attempting something so feminine. But miracles does happen, I manage to lap up half of “P.S. I Love You” in one sitting.

Through flashbacks, we get to learn how Holly and Gerry manage to lead their lives as per any normal married couples till tragedy strikes. Through the eyes of Holly, we manage to see how Gerry managed to encourage her to live on life by leaving a monthly note for her after his passing. And through Ahern’s effortlessness way of weaving her words, we get to know so much more of Holly, her friends and her family.

Issues of boy-girl relationship are explored, girl’s night-out, sibling’s rivalry, unemployment and so much more contributed to the so-called “clichés”. But isn’t our lives filled with such “clichés”? Those snobbish critics must be living on some mountain tops to be unaware of these happenings surrounding us.

Ahern’s debut greatly touches me, a simple yet effective novel that really strikes my heart. If you dismiss Gerry’s motives as implausible or preposterous, then I’m afraid you have yet to truly appreciate and love someone so dear.


“Holly carefully pulled the letter out of her bag as though it was the most delicate thing in the world and she ran her fingers along the neatly written word 'August'. Taking in all the sounds and smells of the world around her she gently tore open the seal and read Gerry's sixth message.

Hi Holly,

I hope you're having a wonderful holiday. You're looking beautiful in that bikini, by the way! I hope I picked the right place for you.
It's where you and I almost went for our honeymoon, remember? Well, I'm glad you got to see it in the end...”


An easy, touching read but motivates you to appreciate and shower your love on your close ones even more after it.

Review by Linus Tee


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"P.S. I Love You"
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