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Already taking the plunge to go Blu but still pondering on which titles to showcase your high definition theater system? Here’s a recommended list of Blu-ray titles to add to your wish list. Recommendation is not listed in any order. Hopefully, you can click on the movie titles to go to Amazon.com to pick up the respective title(s) where a minor part of your purchases help to keep our humble website going.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Skynet Edition) [Blu-ray]

Who can forget the morphing T-1000, ILM’s groundbreaking visual effects and one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most memorable screen roles. Combining computer wizardry and first class action violence, James Cameron raised the bar much higher than his original low-budget Terminator. While many brushed off the non-James Cameron helmed Terminators, my fellow reviewer Richard urges that Terminator 3 acts as a bridge to Terminator Salvation while the latter keeps him pumping with adrenalin after he attended the preview. If you prefer the Cameron’s touches, then hesitate no more, Terminator 2: Judgment Day arrives on high definition with a DTS-HD lossless soundtrack and a load of supplements.

A Bug's Life [Blu-ray]

After the huge success of Toy Story, Pixar’s second feature A Bug’s Life met with a welcome but not overwhelming response. It could be the less than flattering creatures or the all so familiar plotting that reeks of Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai and John Landis' Three Amigos. But still this is Pixar we are talking about, their worst animation title easily beats the rest of the competition. Ten years after the initial theatrical release, A Bug’s Life comes to life in 1080p hi-def with exclusive Blu-ray extras. I can seriously vouch that the colours rendered are simply too stunning to believe.

The Matrix 10th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Book [Blu-ray]

I can’t believe another favourite title of mine hit the ten years milestone this year. It seems like yesterday I bought a weekend ticket to an almost empty hall to catch a certain sci-fi flick called The Matrix. Not knowing what to expect, I was blown away by the bullet-time sequence, the Yuen Woo Ping’s martial art choreography and the zen-like plotting that keeps you thinking even after you left the hall. This digibook release as what Warner terms it, comes in a handsome package with a colour booklet and digital copy. Forget about the lacklustre sequels, this is definitely THE ONE to grace your video shelf.

Kung Fu Panda (+BD Live) [Blu-ray]

Disney loyalists might kill me for recommending this. My fellow reviewer, John might be among them. Jokes aside, DreamWorks Animation the second animation powerhouse in Hollywood finally came out with an animation in 2008 that goes down well with audience and critics alike – Kung Fu Panda. A wonderfully concoct story that combines action, humour, adventure and one that has lots of heart to begin with, it’s no wonder Po the Panda, Master Sifu, Master Oogway and the Furious Five deserves a place here. The Dolby True HD soundtrack here is one to test out the many action sequences.

The Dark Knight (+ Digital Copy and BD Live) [Blu-ray]

You must be kidding me if you intend to leave The Dark Knight out of your wish list. I’m not going into great length on how good the movie is. But to really give your hi-def entertainment set a good workout, you need the caped crusader and the psychotic Joker to fully realize your audio, visual potential. The Blu-ray disc retains the original IMAX shot sequences to bring you the rich details as intended by director Christopher Nolan. You got to bet your last dollar on this one. See, I'm a man of simple tastes. I like Dolby True HD, perfect 1080p presentation and supplements...

Ghostbusters [Blu-ray]

Yes the special effects might be dated in today’s context and the younger generation might not be familiar with names such as Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray. But this is Ghostbusters we are talking about, an iconic horror comedy gem made in the year 1984. As far as I remember, the classic movie unleashes a crazy wave of toy figurines and various merchandises back in the ‘80’s. There are strong rumours Part 3 is already in the works so there’s nothing better than getting this hi-def version to get yourself acquainted with the antics of the ghost removal service offered by the Ghostbusters. Who you gonna call? None other than the Ghostbusters!

There's Something About Mary [Blu-ray]

One of the most memorable Farrelly Brothers’ comedies of all time is available in both Director’s Cut and theatrical version on the Blu-ray disc. Who can forget the raunchy humour, offensive gags and Cameron Diaz’s perfect substitute for gel. The jokes still stick in my head after all these years. Ben Stiller was then a relatively unknown and Diaz was just another pretty young actress to behold. A decade later, these two are already in the league of the top earners of Hollywood. If you want a comedy in your first wave of Blu-ray collection then There’s Something About Mary is the perfect one, you know what, love is in the hair.

Speed Racer (Three-Disc Special Edition + Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]

Why do I risk my head over a movie which almost the entire world of movie goers hates? A lot of people don’t get the point that Speed Racer is so true to its animated origins. The array of colours popped out of the screen so deliciously that this Blu-ray disc is of definite reference quality. Filmed originally using digital cameras with enhanced CG backgrounds, the colours can be overwhelming for some but apparently this is the only way to enjoy the world of auto racing. It’s the perfect movie for the entire family. And kids will definitely lap this up given the striking, eye-popping colours on your gigantic LCD screen.

The Bourne Trilogy (The Bourne Identity | The Bourne Supremacy | The Bourne Ultimatum) [Blu-ray]

Two reasons why a trilogy boxset is the best way to kick-start your collection: One – A guarantee six hours of gruelling playtime to test out your new hi-def system. Two – Saves the time and brain cells to select and ponder over thousands of titles. Invite Jason Bourne over to your house and let this amnesia globe-trotting spy takes you on a fearless journey as he uncovers the truth over his loss of memory and what’s with Operation Treadstone. Clocking at 342 minutes, get ready to be awed by the excellent dynamic soundtracks and supplements presented in this Bourne Trilogy Blu-ray boxset.

X-Men Trilogy (X-Men / X2: X-Men United / X-Men: The Last Stand) [Blu-ray]

If the lacklustre X-Men Origins: Wolverine failed to impress you, fret not. The Bryan Singer directed X-Men series is now available as a trilogy boxset even though the Bratt Ratner’s helmed third instalment doesn’t really blend that well into it, the nicely transfer hi-def visual and audio will surely gives you the kicks. For an above average comic franchise, this comes highly recommended.

Blu ray Versus DVD

By Linus Tee | Posted on 1 June 2009
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