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Label: Rock Records
Release Date: November 23 2006





Intro Back To - Instrumental
Eternal Summer – Ah Shin
Hug - Mayday
Understand – New Artiste
Purity – Fish Leong


This one hit me real hard.

While some soundtrack albums feel too lengthy with over an hour of material, this one broke me down with merely less than 20 minutes of music. The job was done with just a 20-second instrumental piece and four Mandarin pop songs.

The above description may not seem like a big deal, but trust me, once you grasp the concept behind this disc; you’d be feeling the fragility and vulnerability of human memories.

And you’d be soaking yourself in the bittersweet melancholy of things.

To provide some context, this Taiwanese film tells the story of two boys and a girl caught in the confusion and tension of adolescence. Uncontrollable feelings and strains (cue hints of homosexuality) only culminate in feelings of helplessness at the end of the day.

Opening the album is a short but poignant synthesizer track that sets the mood of the album. Following that are four songs that depict the different moods we once went through while growing up.

Ah Shin from popular band Mayday belts out the main theme song “Eternal Summer” for the film, stressing on the angst and anguish we are all so familiar with. Amidst the rock-influenced melody, the repeated lyrics “I Want/ I Am Angry/ I Am In Love” only add to the poignancy of this desire to hold on to our memories.

Then we have a familiar tune “Hug” sung by Mayday, which balances the romanticism and idealism of youth. “Understand” performed by a new unrevealed artiste is a sweet recollection of the notion of love we once experienced. And closing the album is Fish Leong’s cover of Mayday’s “Purity”, which once again makes you want to remember every fond memory you once had.

Also included in the album are the music video for “Eternal Summer” and a six-minute clip with snippets from the movie. Judging by the footage, I can say it would be a viewing experience which will move the most cynical.

After repeated listening to this short album, I read the simple liner notes which said: “Because of what we cannot abandon, what other things have we given up along the way?”. Those words made me desperately want to hold on to my memories even more.

And it struck me hard, how lonely we are in this busy world.




Review by John Li



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This soundtrack review is made possible with the kind contribution from our columnist, John Li


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