Tonight is the night where we bid farewell to the year of the rat welcoming the year of the ox. 

Our tradition of watching CNY movies and house visits still continue amid Covid19 but always remember to adhere to strict measures. 

Here's wishing all our readers good health, good luck in the coming new year and watch more movies la during the long weekend!

TOM & JERRY - 11 Feb 2021

THE DIAM DIAM ERA TWO (我们的故事之沉默的年代2) - 11 Feb 2021

NEW YEAR BLUES (새해전야) (2021) - 11 Feb 2021

A WRITER'S ODYSSEY (刺杀小说家) - 12 Feb 2021

ENDGAME (人潮汹涌) - 12 Feb 2021

DETECTIVE CHINATOWN 3 (唐人街探案3) - 13 Feb 2021