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Genre: Comedy/Drama
Starring: Shawn Lee, Ashley Leong, Joshua Ang, Jack Neo, Xiang Yun, Huang Yi-Liang, Selena Tan, Johnny Ng, Lau Leng Leng
Director: Jack Neo
Rating: PG
Year Made: 2006



- I Not Stupid Too MTV
- Unseen Footages (Deleted Scenes and Outtakes)
- Making of



Languages: Chinese
Subtitles: Chinese & English
Aspect Ratio: Anamorphic Widescreen
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Running Time: 2 hrs 12 mins
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Sc
orpio East Entertainment




Tom and Jerry come from a typical middle-class Singaporean family. Their parents are too busy at work to communicate sufficiently with them and instead believe they can compensate for this with material things. Tom's friend, Cheng Cai also faces communication problems with his father who believes in punishing him physically. This leads to greater rebellion from the child...How will these families resolve these issues?


“I Not Stupid 2” is one of the rare sequels that not only matched the original but also managed to exceed it in terms of capturing the emotional depth and effectively conveying the underlying theme of the film

This time, the focus is on the problem of communication failure between the parent, teacher and the child via two stereotypical Singapore families, the Yeo family and the Lim family. The Yeo family represents a busy middle-income family whose parents are always more busy chasing the rat race. Their children are well provided for but the lack of time and understanding tears them apart. The Lim family on the other hand represents the difficulties of a single dad lower income family. The boorish dad who had just come out of prison truly loves his only son but only knows how to beat his son to teach him.

Both families, although on the different spectrum of financial income and status, faces the same problem that perhaps most Singaporean families can identify with: the lack of understanding and communication between the older and younger generation.

Using a few actual incidents that hogged our local newspaper’s headlines in recent years, director Jack Neo utilized the issues of public canning in school, the mandarin campaign and the effectiveness of blogging to emphasize the reasons for the failure of communication between parent and child. Besides effectively conveying the message, it also provided the homeland feel to it that many Singaporeans could either relate or identify with.

Another familiarity would be the returning of the two young actors Shawn Lee and Joshua Ang from the original film. Agreeing with what many had pointed out, these two actors had became teenage heartthrobs within a span of four years and looks were not the only thing that they had improved upon: their performance had turned up yet another notch in this sequel. Joining these two “veterans” is Ashley Leong who took over the comedic role in this trio of kids. Besides providing some of the side splitting humorous moments in this movie, he also provided the most of the narration that enabled viewers to see the issue from a child’s view.

Beside the young stars, the cast of Xiang Yun, Huang Yi Liang and Jack Neo (in double duties) were just as effective in presenting the adult’s perspective and reasons in the communication breakdown, bringing an effective balanced look at what is going wrong in many Singapore families.

Even though I Not Stupid 2 is filled with comical moments, this is a much darker film compared to the original one and this one will definitely tug most viewers’ heartstrings. Kudos to Jack Neo and his production for presenting an issue that is so close to our hearts and even presents us with a rather simple yet effective solution that could just work.

I Not Stupid 2 is simply not to be missed.


The Making of (22.57mins) - “The Making of” segment basically covers the success of the first film and the reasons for Jack Neo to make sequel. The main cast also shared their views on this movie, the characters that they portray and joys of working with each other. This segment also charts the progress that Shawn Lee and Joshua Ang has made from the original film to this sequel. This segment also briefly touches on the special effects used in this film and the difficulties for the actors who are not used to them.

It’s not one of the best making-of features that I have seen and they could have covered the production and research for this movie’s material in detail. Another complaint would be that some of the outtakes and MTV segments were repeated in this and the following segments. Those repeated materials could have been removed and the time used to feature other more interesting information to cover the production more extensively.

I Not Stupid MTV (1.29mins) - Contains the “Jay Chou” style of rap that was used for this theme song. It had been featured in both the movie and “the making of segment” so if viewers who can’t get enough of the young star, Joshua Ang rapping away, here is the special feature for the fans to have their fill.

The deleted scenes (30.41mins) - Some scenes are deleted for the obvious pacing need. They are repetitive in nature and if they were left in the final cut, it would have dragged the pace of the movie and would likely lessen the impact of the message that they are trying to put across.

However the deleted scenes were sorely missing any form of commentary from either the director or people involved with this film production. One of the longest deleted segments featured an alternative version of the climatic finale that featured a similar finale except some differences in pacing, location and the time that the event had occurred. It would have been interesting to know why one ending was chosen over the other.

The outtakes (19.54mins) -

The NG segments features a number of bad takes during the process of filming.
While some are infectiously hilarious, there were some that were annoying and you might wonder how could someone so seasoned in the acting field could flubbed his line so often.



Review by Richard Lim Jr



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This review is made possible with the kind support from Scorpio East


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