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18 September 2008, 3pm at Hotel Intercontinental

Readers might be a tad too familiar with "Painted Skin", one of the short stories from "The Tales of Liaozhai". Most notably, there’s the 1966 classic version and the late King Hu did his own interpretation with Adam Cheng in 1993 in addition to other countless adaptations on television.

But that didn’t deter HK director Gordon Chan from attempting his own take on the classic story. In the latest "Painted Skin", Chan manages to attract action star Donnie Yen as the lead actor, our local up-and-coming Qi Yuwu and mainland actresses such as Zhou Xun and Zhao Wei to join the production.

And on this sunny day, we join Donnie Yen, Qi Yuwu and David Leong on their Singapore’s promotional tour of "Painted Skin".

If you think it’s exhausting jumping from roof to roof for two weeks in a row, Donnie Yen feels this is nothing compared to his previous works. Beside the less than strenuous action, the action star comments at least he is dressed comfortably when this particular scene was shot last winter in China. In "Painted Skin", he plays martial-arts expert Pang Yong who is hired to capture a fox spirit (Zhou Xun) and the scene above requires him to chase after the evil chameleon played by our local Qi Yuwu.

Qi Yuwu proclaims this is a role which is far more different than any he has tackled so far. The chameleon character pins for the love of the fox spirit and will sacrifice anything to prove his love and devotion. Although he has many scenes with Zhou Xun, he laments he did not have enough time to warm up to Zhou Xun prior to filming. And also it seems that he is the only one in the movie that has to suffer 4 to 5 hours of make-up for his chameleon character. Donnie adds in that Yuwu is always the last to leave the set every day when filming cease because he has to painstakingly wait for his make-up to be removed.

Newcomer David Leong who helms from our very own island plays a fortune-teller in "Painted Skin". He recalls he has some ghostly 'encounters' while filming in Hengdian studio although Donnie laughs it off saying his own ‘yang’ energy perhaps is too strong to attract ghosts as compared to Leong.

Touted as a drama that delves into intricate emotions and relationships between man and demon, love and passion, loyalty and temptation, treachery and integrity, "Painted Skin" which is partly co-funded by Mediacorp Raintree Pictures is a movie that you might consider buying a ticket to when it opens on 25th September.

"Painted Skin" is reviewed here.

Report & Photos: Linus Tee & Richard Lim Jr
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