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  Publicity Stills of "Slither"
(Courtesy from GVP)

Genre: Horror/Thriller
Director: James Gunn
Starring: Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, Gregg Henry, Michael Rooker
RunTime: 1 hr 36 mins
Released By: Golden Village Pictures
Rating: M18
(Violence and Gore)

Opening Day: 8 June 2006

Synopsis :

From the twisted mind of filmmaker JAMES GUNN (writer, 2004’s Dawn of the Dead) comes the latest addition to the unique canon of horror comedy films—a story so deliciously heinous, hilariously base and unbelievably demented that its mere name brings to mind the sickening giant mollusks of the invertebrate under-belly world. Huge slugs from outer space, bloodthirsty zombies and slime-ridden oozing bug overlords have finally come together in one cinematic creation: Slither.

Movie Review:

More often than not, there is a love-hate relationship between movie-goers and horror movies, and we are talking about those that feature gooey creepy crawlies oozing with slime. Every time these revolting creatures appear on the big screen, you can bet audiences will cringe in repulsion, but they are also secretly hoping to see more of these disgusting beings.

The first full-length feature directed by James Gunn cleverly exploits this bizarre human nature and the result is a successful movie that will make viewers wince and laugh the silliness of the genre at the same time. And for that, this 96-minute movie does not even need an out-of-this-world plot.

A small and dreary town is suddenly turned upside down with the collision of a meteorite. Grant (a very lecherous-looking Michael Rooker), chances upon it and gets infected by a parasite worm. That should teach him never to meddle with suspicious-looking foreign objects again, because he undergoes a creepy transformation into a monster.

Grant’s wife, Starla (a very clueless-looking Elizabeth Banks), and a town policeman, Bill (a very righteous-looking Nathan Fillion), tries to stop him and the plague of worms generated by the creature. Where would the excitement be if they succeeded? The fun begins when these gross worms begin to invade the town and turning everyone into zombies.

Never mind that you have never heard of the cast, who mostly dabble in television series, because the real stars here are the worms themselves. Remember those yucky creatures from those old-school B-grade movies like The Blob (1988) and Tremors (1990)? Like a mischievous fan boy, the director has paid homage to this genre of movies, and has improved on them with yuckier creatures, yuckier effects, yuckier make-up, and most importantly, a spot-on in-your-face cheesy script.

The dialogue spouted by the characters in the movie may be nonsensical and silly, but the comically-timed delivery of the lines is what works here. A ridiculously simple line like “Don’t let them in your mouth!” (referring to the worms) may make no sense to the serious movie-goer, but coupled with the actor’s deadpan delivery and the spot-on timing of the line, it can possibly go down as a classic quote from B-grade movies. You have to see it yourself to witness Gunn’s ingenious scripting.

The director is no stranger to this genre of movies, considering he also wrote the screenplay for the wickedly intelligent Dawn of the Dead (2004). With this directorial debut, Gunn has once again proved his talent for making the audience cower in disgust and laugh in hilarity at the same time. This movie is one of the better combinations of graphic horror and zombie genres recently.

Credit also goes to the production and makeup departments for creating such hideously disgusting creatures and characters. Look out for the scene where a helpless woman literally explodes - it is definitely one of the most gross-out moments we have seen in a while. If you have a weak stomach for gory movies, you may want to not go into the cinema after downing a full meal.

But do not shun this movie just because you dislike the “horror genre”. Admit it - there is a part of you which secretly enjoys movies like that. Besides, like a wicked prankster, this movie’s ultimate aim is to gross you out, simply for the fun of it. So, pardon the pun here, gather your guts, and go all out to enjoy this silly movie.

Movie Rating:

(A wicked and disgustingly silly B-grade horror comedy that works because it does not take itself seriously - so why should you?)

Review by John Li



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