Publicity Stills of "The Pacifier"
(Courtesy from BVI)

Genre: Comedy
Director: Adam Shankman
Starring: Vin Diesel, Lauren Graham, Faith Ford, Carol Kane, Brad Garrett, Brittany Snow, Morgan York, Max Thieriot
RunTime: 1 hr 35 mins
Released By: BVI
Rating: PG

Release Date: 7 April 2005

Synopsis :

Assigned to protect the endangered children of an assassinated scientist working on a secret invention, Shane Wolfe is suddenly faced with juggling two incompatible jobs: fighting evil while keeping house. As he adds to his usual arsenal of wetsuits and weapons the new tools of juice boxes and a minivan, Shane not only must defeat a world-threatening enemy but also wrangle teen rebel Zoe (BRITTANY SNOW), uplift sullen 14-year-old Seth (MAX THIERIOT) and outwit 8-year-old Ninja-wannabe Lulu (MORGAN YORK), simultaneously keeping toddler Peter and baby Tyler out of mischief, not to mention harm’s way. While dropzones, demolitions and destroying enemy targets come naturally to Shane, he has no idea what tough really is until he pits his courage against diapering, den-mothering and driver’s education. He’s truly a S.E.A.L. out of water, but this tough-guy loner soon realizes that he’s also facing the most important mission of his life: becoming part of a family and bringing them all closer together.

Movie Review:

Following the footsteps of ex-action heroes such as Arnold Schwarzenegger (Think "Junior") and Sylvester Stallone ("Oscar"), Vin Diesel is ready to present to the audience a softer side of him after displaying his machismo in action movies such as "XXX" and "Chronicles of Riddick".

In "The Pacifier", Vin Diesel is Shane Wolf, a skilled Navy S.E.A.L assigned on a protection program. After a hard-hitting opening which involves Shane in an elaborate sea rescue operation, we are introduced to Shane being shoved off into an ordinary surburban household and must learn to take care, simultaneously protecting five kids (their dad is a scientist for the government who was killed during the earlier botched rescue op) from a potential lethal enemy.

For his first foray into the comedy genre, Diesel is picture perfect for the role of Shane Wolf. It's amusing to watch him fumbled over the babies' diapers and fully equipping himself with baby food and milk bottles the moment he stepped out of the house. With his no-nonsense, military styled approach, Diesel’s Wolf character is the perfect fish-out-of water in “The Pacifier”. Director Adam Shankerman ("Bringing Down The House") has successfully created an ironically absurd situation to generate the laughs.

Besides the handling of the babies, Wolf still manages to find time to solve some adolescents’ problems in the household and making sure everyone is well disciplined. The performance of the likeable child cast which include the young Morgan York who played Lulu added a few merits to the movie as well. For those looking for action, there are some zany car chases and a children-friendly ninjas fight sequence which showed Wolf displaying some nifty movements. You might spot some familiar Jackie Chan’s movements and fighting style as the fight is choreographed by Bradley Allan (the only Caucasian member of Jackie Chan’s stuntmen group).

Overall, it's refreshing to see Vin Diesel in a family comedy for a change. Like any true Walt Disney’s productions, “The Pacifier” is a feel-good sweet story fitting the taste buds of the entire family. There’s even a mischievous duck called Gary throw in to complete the “House of Mouse” recipe. Vin Diesel won't be remembered as a comedian years down the road (just like Arnold) but you can't deny the tough guy has seized a winner in the form of “The Pacifier”.

Movie Rating: B

Review by Linus.T.

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