Genre: Comedy
Director: Joe Roth
Starring: Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dan Aykroyd, Eric Per Sullivan, Cheech Marin,
Jake Busey, M. Emmet Walsh
RunTime: 1 hr 40 mins
Released By: Columbia TriStar
Rating: PG

Release Date: 2 December 2004

Synopsis :

In Revolution Studio’s new comedy Christmas With The Kranks, based on John Grisham’s best-selling novel Skipping Christmas, Tim Allen plays Luther Krank, a man who decides to skip Christmas and all the surrounding trappings and go on a vacation with his wife Nora (Jamie Lee Curtis) instead. But when his daughter decides, at the last minute, to come home for the holidays, he is forced to put Christmas back together.

Movie Review:

It's hard to imagine that someone would ever think of going on an escapism from Christmas, away from the nicely decorated tree, blinking lights, turkey and ham, fruitcakes, parties, and presents. Luther (Tim Allen) and Nora Krank (Jamie Lee Curtis) happened to be the one couple in probably a billion!

After their daughter, Blair (Julie Gonzalo) went to Peru to serve a stint in the Peace Corps, the couple is facing a very cold Christmas for the first time after 23 years, without their dearest daughter with them. In order to distract himself from the loneliness as well as to cut off the staggering expenses on Christmas party, Luther convinced Nora to "skip Christmas" by
travelling on a warm Caribbean cruise over the holiday, which is merely half the cost of the Christmas party.

When the Kranks declined to buy Christmas tree and Christmas cards, their neighbours in Hemlock Street were disgusted, especially an influential local, Vic Frohmeyer (Dan Aykroyd). The matters worsen when Luther refuses to put up his illuminated Frosty the Snowman on his rooftop and to decorate his house exteriors thereby causing an eyesore to the beautifully decorated Hamlock streets. His act is also considered selfish to the neighbours as it
also threaten the award for the best Christmas decorations, which the Street has been winning.

As the standoff between the Kranks and their neighbors escalates, Luther and Nora received a phone call that their daughter, Blair will be coming home for Christmas!

Not wanting to disappoint their daughter, the now panicky Kranks have less than twenty-four hours to perform many miracles: Have a fully-ornamented Christmas tree with plenty of present beneath, put up frosty the snowman on the roof-top, decorate the house, prepare Christmas spread, invites all the supposedly angry neighbours to their home for party!

Based on the bestselling novel Skipping Christmas by John Grisham, "Christmas with the Kranks" however, had failed to warm the heart of audiences, which were the priority essence that are expected from Christmas titles. In spite of having the comedian talent of Tim Allen, Dan Aykroyd (well-known for his "Ghostbuster" fame) and Jamie Lee Curtis on the leading roles of
this interesting script, it is surprising that the movie does not install many tummy-hugging fun and heart-warming moments.

Though this may be concluded as an average Christmas title, the unimaginable idea of "Skipping Christmas" may still be able to draw some curious audience.

Movie Rating: C

Review by Leosen

  Publicity Stills of "Christmas With The Kranks" (Courtesy from Columbia TriStar )

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