I NOT STUPID TOO (Singapore)

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Genre: Comedy/Drama
Director: Jack Neo
Starring: Shawn Lee, Ashley Leong, Joshua Ang, Jack Neo, Xiang Yun, Huang Yi Liang, Selena Tan, Johnny Ng and Nick Shen.
RunTime: -
Released By: Mediacorp Raintree Pictures, Scorpio East Pictures & UIP
Rating: PG

Opening Day: 26 January 2006

Synopsis :

I NOT STUPID TOO is a comedy centered on the theme of generation gaps parents are facing with their children. It probes into the difficult relationships parents have with their children today. Set in Singapore's fast-paced society, the movie is seen through the eyes of an eight year old Jerry, unveiling how he and his older brother Tom face the pressures of school and demands of their wealthy but ever-bickering parents and how Tom's friend Cheng Cai is often misunderstood by his teacher at school and his single widower father.

Movie Review:

When was the last time someone praised you? When was the last time you praised someone? These are the questions posed before the audience in Jack Neo’s latest offering, I Not Stupid Too. In being the follow-up to 2002’s insightful comedy, I Not Stupid, the cast remains largely the same, but the characters are entirely new.

In this day and age of our society, parents are often too busy to spend time with their children and more often than not, this causes a breakdown in communication among members of the family. Jack Neo explores this social issue by telling the tale of three boys through the eyes of the youngest one, 9 year-old Jerry (Ashley Leong). The story revolves around him and his older brother Tom (Shawn Lee), along with Tom’s best friend, Cheng Cai (Joshua Ang) as they each face the trials and tribulations of being a child growing up in modern Singapore.

Like several of his other movies, Neo provides not just a take on the Singaporean culture but also the government’s conduct to various matters, this time one regarding youths and the local school system. As with its predecessor, I Not Stupid Too uses scenarios that are sometimes largely exaggerated to in order to drive the point home.

Like the first movie, it brings a very honest and ‘in your face’ view on local subjects that are close to many Singaporeans’ hearts and minds. But what sets the second apart from the first, is that despite all the laughs it gives, this movie does take on a more serious view on matters and there are scenes that will shock you, including even one of a parent dying.

Ashley Leong is immensely entertaining as an innocent and naïve boy with a big heart. Some of his expressions are priceless moments that will have you laughing out loud, or crying and really feeling for him.

Shawn Lee and Joshua Ang share the screen equally as both take on their roles very well. Both are blessed with not only fine acting talents, but good looks too. Though overall Joshua’s role was more demanding as the son of an ex-convict who faces abuse and troubles in school, Shawn’s character has several pivotal scenes as well including one about public canning in school. They both have promising careers of being the next big things in the local film industry.

Like all movies, there are certain cons about it. One was the use of digital animation, which was not necessary for most scenes. The use of it ruined the “genuine” feel and frankly would have done much better without. Also, the obvious product placements plotted throughout the scenes marred the story’s perfection, but thankfully, on the whole it does not manage to hinder the main purpose too much.

This flick is one that all Singaporeans should go see, especially those of families with children who are entering their teens. From the coffee shop auntie to the rule-abiding principal, there are many characters that locals will be able to identify with. Credit goes to Jack Neo for another entertaining piece.

Movie Rating:

(A good local movie that will have laughing in stitches and crying at certain points. Make sure you bring the tissues along just in case)

Review by Jolene Tan

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