21 June 2005 (Singapore, Pan Pacific Hotel) - Because of a delayed flight, the press conference for “Initial D” started almost an hour after the scheduled time. The invited stars, Jay Chou, Shawn Yue, Edison Chen, Anthony Wong and Kenny Bee were supposedly still clearing customs at Changi airport, the conference room was already buzzing with excitement from the host of media.

Finally at the strike of three, the stars arrived to a frenzy of flashlights and commotion from the cameramen (including our very own Leosen). Leading the group is veteran actor-singer Kenny Bee, with his megawatt smile and smooth greeting to the press, the long awaited “Initial D” press conference started with no doubt all attention focused on leading man Jay Chou.

The current prince of pop with his usual trademark of aloofness brushed off comments that he initiated the kissing scene with the female lead, Anne Suzuki in the movie. Instead, he offered an explanation to the media that he got the inspiration from the comics and added that, the scene in fact improved the characters development.

Since “Initial D” is all about car racing and the special technique of “drifting”, Shawn Yue maintained that as much as he loved racing, his skills are still way below as compared to the actual Japanese racers who execute the stunts in the movie.

Jay and Shawn are obviously great pals and were not shy in clowning with each other during the conference. The latter constantly teased Jay for performing magic tricks to win the ‘affection’ of Anne Suzuki whereas the former mocked him for learning the magic tricks from him and in turn, demonstrates his newly found skills to everyone on set.

Edison Chen who has not been a media darling all along hasn’t proved otherwise throughout the session. Other than a forced “Hello” and some short monotonous answers, the American-born Chen was busy doodling on a piece of paper to show interest in the “Initial D” topic. He even direct questions back to his co-stars, Jay and Shawn.

Winner of multiple movie awards, Anthony Wong prove to be quite a hard egg to crack as well. Wong who wore a pair of sunglass answered its crazy for someone to assume he possessed the same traits as the father’s character (in the movie, Wong’s character is a frequent drunkard and beat up his son often) in real-life when prompted by the host.

With Jay declaring that he will give himself 85 marks for his debut on the big screen, the box-office of “Initial D” is sure to accelerate to the top spot. Cool cars, breath-taking car stunts and a great assemble of the most popular stars right now in Asia, seriously don’t hesitate, just strap in and go for this ride when “Initial D” opens on 23 June!

P.S. For those who are interested in what Edison is doodling, moviexclusive.com did not managed to grab that piece of paper (some other guy from ???media??? took it) however we did managed a peek into it. Well, apparently nothing unusual except odd shapes of triangles and circles. Jet-lag, prima-donna, preoccupied with his thoughts or simply unenthusiastic, we leave it to you to make the judgement.

Reported by Linus T.

21 June 2005 (Singapore, Shaw House) - As early as an evening before, maddening crowd of fans were spotted to encircle the red carpet walkway outside Shaw House, eagerly waiting to greet the cast of Initial D. Now, as the hours of their arrival draw closer, the walkway across the road at Wheelock Place was also jammed up with more people, struggling to catch a glimpse of the “King of the Road”. Raindrops threatened to dampen their spirit but wasn’t good enough to deny them for a chance to meet their heroes up close!

A red carpet, twice as long as that of KungFu Hustle gala premiere last December, further top it off with a grandeur location facing the junction of Paterson and Orchard Rd, making this event a perfect display of glory. Fans of all ages clung tightly to the metal railing that separates them from their idols. While waiting, they wave their hand-made signage frantically and coupled with screams of Edison’s and Jay’s names throughout. It’s a cult of total devotion! With a gala event of this scale, how fun can it be without the goodie bags handed out to the lucky few? Oh yeah, besides the stars that is.


With no gradual surprise element, the stars one by one, were driven up and walked down the glitter of camera flashes and screaming fans. Edison Chen was the first to arrive and immediately the night became day as spotlight shone on him on his arrival. On contrary to the lackluster attitude in the day at the press conference, he appear the most generous with his fans tonight, stopping along the way, shaking hands and signing autographs whenever possible.

Up next was Veteran Actor Kenny Bee. At an age of 53 and having experience major upheaving in his career and personal life, it is respectable that he still maintains that youthful and cheery glow around him.

Another pretty boy, Shawn Yue quickly stepped up to the stage next, causing a wave of screams again upon his gaze. Probably regarded as one of the most promising stars of tomorrow, Shawn is extremely friendly to fans and media alike – winning factor no. 1 in showbiz.

Next, multiple Golden Horse winner for Best Actor, Anthony Wong steadily stroll down the carpet with a retro get-up, complete with dark glasses (was the spotlight that bright?). One can’t help but imagine the entire scene in “slo-mo”, John Woo's style.

Finally, the moment all was longing for. A surge of hysteria rippled through the crowd as Jay Chou stepped out of his car. It was a sight to behold. Fan-billboards were raised, camera’s clicked away, strobes of flash was shot from possibly every corner and screams of true followers bellowed into the air. Still armed with his usual quiet and laid back mellowness, the wonder boy of Chinese pop has again proven tonight that he isn’t a force to be reckoned with. Seeing him acknowledging his fans along the way and stopping by for a quick interview for the media, it is predictable that his popularity would rocket after his this debut movie. But how exactly does he flair in Initial D? Read our webmaster, Linus views about the movie by clicking here now.

Initial D opens in major cinema on 23 June 2005!

Reported by Lokman B.S.

Photos by: Leosen Teo & Lokman B.S. | Layout by: Leosen Teo



















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