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Robert Graysmith
352 Pages
Publisher: Penguin Books (January 2007)
ISBN: 0425212181
Price: S$16.80 (Available in Borders)





Like an extended police report, this cronological fancination to the Zodiac killer
that made headlines in the San Francisco Bay Area. In random attacks, he is known to have murdered six persons; in a series of letters to newspapers, which sometimes included cryptograms, he boasted of many more. For which to this day, the infamous case remains unsolved and surprisingly little has been written about it. Graysmith, a San Francisco Chronicle staff member, was obsessed with the case from the beginning and he has continued to investigate it as an amateur sleuth. Except for "Zodiac'' himself, the author now knows more about the case than anyone.

A very well-written, detailed book backing up with profoundly disturbing murders in detailed graphic, from the surviving victims experience. With deep insight into the mind of the Zodiac, especially his letter to the detective, telling him about how he stalks his prey, spying on each victim, what is more intriguing, however, is to see how Graysmith's seriously consuming interest in Zodiac manifests in this book; he draws some connections that seem like pretty lengthy reaches to me, and I'm not utterly convinced of the veracity of all his reporting.

In a way this becomes a story not so much about a serial killer, but about a man obsessed with one. It was in the scenes with that element as their focus that Fincher's film became the most cohesive, and interestingly, the places in Graysmith's narrative where that subtext shines through are where it's the most compelling as well.


"My God, he's got a gun!" cried Cecelia, squeezing Bryan's arm. The stocky man had emerged from the other tree and Bryan, out of the corner of his eye, instantly
became aware of a black, hulking shape over to his left side, silently staring at
him. As the couple turned, the figure was walking straight at them.


Mundanely riveting, a journey into a frustrating true crime epic into one of the
most famous unsolved crime in California.

Review by Lokman B S


. Zodiac: The Movie Review



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