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Camille Landau &
Tiare White
244 Pages
Publisher: Hyperion (March 2001)
ISBN: 0786884770
Price: S$27.95 (Available in Borders)





No money for film school?

No worries!

What they don’t teach you at film school offers information that’s covered in the film school curriculum and so much more information that no covered. Bet they don’t teach you how to deal with having potential sexual affairs among the film crew? Or how to promote your film cheaply and yet effectively.

This book offers 161 strategies to assist you in making that film that you might be dreaming off. It provides encouragement when facing obstacles and some tips on getting over them. It also shared experience of those who are involved in a wide range of film projects so that you could avoid the pitfalls that some of them had encountered. For someone who had not involved with any serious film production, this book provides an intriguing peek into what going on behind a film production, the sweat, the tears, the joys and the rewards of a film production from the start to the end.

Each of the 161 strategies is done in a standalone manner and easily accessible for those who are new to film production. They are entertaining and rather inspiring strategies to read. It will often leave you with the thoughts that “hey I can do that!” and if you gather enough of those courage from this book to be as defiant as a fifteen years old, you probably are on your way to making your first film.


“The danger with film school as the initiation to filmmaking is that so many schools are built on the very logic of permission. If they let you in, then you’re a filmmaker. If they choose your project, then you’re a director. If they like you, you’ll succeed.

What If they don’t?

Too many film students and would-be filmmakers make careers out of asking permission from people whose job it is to say no, when all they should be doing is figuring out how to make films- with or without anyone’s blessing.”


What they don’t teach you at film school is the most motivating book about filmmaking I have ever encountered so far. It’s easy to read and very hard to put down. Anyone who is interested in the process of movie making, whether you have done film school or not, should read this book. It helps to be prepared for things that the film schools don’t prepare you for.

Review by Richard Lim Jr



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