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DK Publishing
48 Pages
Publisher: DK Children (September 2006)
ISBN: 0756622425
Price: S$27.30 (Available in Borders)






You know it is that time of the year again, when you visit bookstores and you see adorable and irresistibly-cute movie-related franchise stacked up at the children’s corner. Yes, it is time to whip out that Christmas shopping list of yours.

This year, we have an animated picture about singing and dancing penguins earning big bucks in the cineplexes. And over at the bookshops, there is this guide book which completes the movie experience with its comprehensive rundown of the key characters from the show.

Extremely easy to read, this 48-page picture book features the different species of penguins in the movie, as well as the dangerous whales and the talkative seals.

Displayed in gorgeous colours, this big book published by Dorling Kindersley (DK), younger readers get to meet the individual characters and read about their personalities and traits. Real photographs of these beautiful animals are also included in the book to allow the young ones to know how these species really look like.

The book also provides many fun nature facts that will bring smiles to older readers.

Did you know that if the mother penguin isn’t around when her chicks need milk, the father can pacify the babies with a special milk-like fluid he produces from his throat? Or that orca whales are white underneath so that their prey cannot see them when they look up into the sky?

These tidbits will prove to be amusing, if not informative to the casual readers.

If there is one complaint about the book, it is the numerous “fold-out” pages that got on this reviewer’s nerves after a while. Sure, it is a smart way to reduce the “actual” number of pages in the book, but it only proved to be more of a hassle trying to fold out the inserts, trying to see what “surprises” lie beneath them.

But then again, this may be interactive and fun for the younger readers, giving them a chance to engage in some enjoyment in the process of reading and learning. If this lavish guide book is published with that in mind, then we’d say it has achieved its objectives. Adults are happy as long as their young ones are happy.

After all, it is the season to be merry.


“A real man will:

Fetch you a fish – There’s nothing more romantic than the boy of your dreams bringing you a slimy cod in his beak.

Make romantic gestures – A really cool guy can do a fancy dive and leave a trail of bubbles in the shape of a heart.

Follow his heart – A real man will follow his own dreams, even when everyone else seems to be against him. It takes bravery, a strong heart and the love a beautiful woman!”


Bring the young ones to watch the movie. Buy this book for them as a surprise present. Another year passes and another Christmas gift is settled.

Review by John Li



Movie Review:

. Happy Feet



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