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Thomas Harris
432 Pages
Publisher: Random House
(December 2005)
ISBN: 0375435417
Price: S$39.90 (Available in Borders)





Fans of Hannibal Lector just can’t get enough of Mr Cannibal and when there’s a demand, it will be darn foolish not to supply. So Thomas Harris, the man behind the creation of Hannibal Lector is back with another tale of the serial killer that many have grown to love.

This time we are back to how it got started. What the fans have been clamoring for! This is where we get to see how Hannibal acquires the hunger for human flesh and this is where Hannibal got “tutored” into the art of killing. If you had such expectation, you probably will be disappointed. In fact it felt like it was milking all it’s worth of the namesake and left nothing for the soul.

The revenge theme involving cannibalism is a fairly interesting one but it’s really hard to imagine the calm and collected Hannibal as one who goes on a rampage. It was a tragic incident that drove him to his killing ways but it doesn’t give credible accounts for his unique liking of devouring human body parts. Often or not, I wonder if this is the Hannibal Lector that I knew from the past.

There were plenty other things to nitpick but to sum it up, it work well as another serial killer book but a horrible way to “start” the Hannibal franchise with it. It almost felt like the author forgot the essence of his own character and came up another character that bears the same name.


“Hannibal looks at the painting he took from his mother’s hands and knows the past was not the past at all; the beast that panted it’s hot stench on his and Mischa’s skins continues to breathe, is breathing now. He turns the “Bridge of Sighs” to the wall and stares at the back of the painting for minutes at a time. Mischa’s hand erased, it is only a blank square now where he projects his seething dreams.

He is growing and changing, or perhaps emerging as what he has ever been.”


For someone who loves the Hannibal character in the first three installments Lector’s saga, this prequel just didn’t ring true to his form. One might argue that it’s the formation of what eventually became the slick murderer but it’s really hard to connect this Hannibal from Hannibal Rising to the other three. It makes a good revenge tale but just not an adequate start up to a character that was so well loved.

Perhaps it would be better to leave the history of Hannibal Lector as a mystery.


Review by Richard Lim Jr


. Hannibal Rising: The Movie Review



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