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James Bradley with Ron Powers
652 Pages
Publisher: Bantam Movie tie-in mass market edition (September 2006)
ISBN: 0553384155
Price: S$17.85 (Available in Borders)






Even if you are not an American, I'm sure you knew of this iconic image whereby six men are shown raising a flag. For the uninitiated, it was taken in February 1945 during World War II and the location - Iwo Jima.

What makes “Flags of Our Fathers” a must-read or should I say an emotive, heart-felt journey is the fact that it was written by the offspring of one of the six flag-raisers, John Bradley. James, the third son of Bradley’s brood of six never had the chance to learn the true war experiences from Bradley senior even till his death in 1994. Imagine having a father being immortalized in one of the world’s famous photos but none of his closest family members knew the complexity, happenings behind that symbolic image.

Reading through “Flags of Our Fathers” is akin to following James Bradley’s road to discover an unknown side of his endearing father. James Bradley delegated his job to his partner, spent years on the road talking to war veterans, friends and family of the flag-raisers, searching through old records, documents to relive an account of valiant young men who fought bravely against 22,000 defenders on the Japanese-tout holy island, Iwo Jima. And also the ordinary yet incredible circumstances that led to the raising of the American flag on top of the hill.

You have to really admire James Bradley’s dedication and passion to this project. This is history in its most genuine form. Forget about the boring history textbooks. This book demonstrates what it takes to be a true hero and perhaps one of the best gifts to be passed on to the younger generation.


“That was the point, I reminded myself, the point of my quest: to bring these boys back to life, or a kind of life, to let them live again in the country’s memory. Starting with my father, and continuing with the other five.

That is how we always keep our beloved dead alive, isn’t it?”


If you are a fan of Stephen Ambrose's stuff then you shouldn't miss "Flags of Our Fathers". Touching and nerve-wrecking at times and a whole lot of insight into the aftermath of the flag-raisers.


Contains an epilogue by Director Clint Eastwood and James Bradley.

Review by Linus Tee



Movie Review:

. Flags Of Our Fathers



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