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Eric Schlosser
383 Pages
Publisher: Harper Perennial Media Tie-in (October 2006)
ISBN: 006116139X
Price: S$26.25 (Available in Borders)
Harper Perennial





People like you and me, apparently likes to smuggle the usual hamburger and fries into the “forbidden city”, I mean the theatres for a quick snack. First thing, it’s hard to concentrate on an empty stomach and secondly, the growling sounds might be a tad distracting to the person beside you. But hey do you know what goes into that hamburger patty of yours other than beef?

Well, Eric Schlosser goes in-depth on the famously aggressive fast-food culture that is creeping into every visible surface of the earth. From the history of the Golden Arches, Carl’s Jr, Burger King and Wendy to the slaughterhouse and scientific laboratories, Schlooser never let the readers loses his grip right from the start. Every corner of this immensely huge pop culture is explored and economically, politically it plays a huge part whether you know it or not. In addition, there's a chapter dedicated to the deadly e-coli disease and mad-cow disease as well.

“Fast Food Nation” introduced you to a whole new world behind that humble piece of hamburger patty. And next time when you bite into it, you might recall Schlooser’s findings in “Fast Food Nation”.

So do you want lies with it?


“Chicken McNuggets were introduced nationwide in 1983. Within one month of their launch, the McDonald's Corporation had become the second largest purchaser of chicken in the United States, surpassed only by KFC. McNuggets tasted good, they were easy to chew and they appeared to be healthier than other items on the menu at McDonald's. After all, they were made out of chicken. But their health benefits were illusory. A chemical analysis of McNuggets by a researcher at Harvard Medical School found that their "fatty acid profile" more closely resembled beef than poultry. They were cooked in beef tallow like McDonald's fries. The chain soon switched to vegetable oil, adding "beef extract" to McNuggets during the manufacturing process in order to retain their familiar taste. Today Chicken McNuggets are wildly popular among young children - and contain twice as much fat per ounce as a hamburger.”


From a reader's point of view, Schlooser’s main aim is not to taint the fast food industry, instead this guy is just presenting the basic concealed facts to us. Some facts learned from the book includes one, the smell of delicious grilled burgers can be artificially created in the labs and two, in the United States it seems, pets are well protected by health laws as compared to humans. This book is definitely worth your time.


This edition contains interviews with the author.

Review by Linus Tee


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