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Christopher Paolini
528 Pages
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers; Movie Tie-in edition (October 24 2006)
ISBN: 0375840540
Price: S$14.00 (Available in Borders)





This is one book that will either have you pressing for more or discard it as a tamer rip-off of Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy or any Terry Brooks, Ann McCaffrey’s titles. Written by Christopher Paolini when he was still a 15-year old homeschooled young lad, “Eragon” is about a farmer boy who happened to pick up a blue stone (turns up to be an egg of a dragon) and his new role as a Dragon Rider who must free the empire from the hands of the evil King.

There are plenty of characters with mouthful names, try pronouncing King Galbatorix and plenty of plot twists that will truly engaged you through the hefty 500 pages. Dragons, dwarves, elves, Knights and evil creatures of all sorts filled Eragon’s journey. Well, there’s maps attached to assist you in this wondrous read if you happen to get lost. Halfway through the book, you wonder if this is really meant for young readers.

You can see how Paolini diligently turns his love for fantasy and science fiction into “Eragon”. And yes, homeschool must have blessed him ample time to catch up on reading because this teen writes like a seasoned writer.

“Eragon” is an earnest tale of action-adventure blended with magical elements. For fans of “Eragon”, the second instalment “Eldest” is already out in stores. For those who aren’t keen on reading the novel, the movie version is scheduled to be out in December 2006. Hope it succeed along the line of Harry Potter instead of the disasterous “Dungeons & Dragons”.


“O liquid temptress ' neath the azure sky,
Your gilded expanse calls me, calls me.
For I would sail ever on,
Were it not for the elven maid,
Who calls me, calls me.
She binds my heart with a lily-white tie,
Never to be broken, save by the sea,
Ever to be torn twixt the trees and the waves.

The words echoed hauntingly in Eragon's head.”


Like I mentioned, you either love it or hate it.


8 pages of full-colour photos from the movie plus 9 pages preview of ELDEST, Book Two of Inheritance.

Review by Linus Tee



Movie Review:

. Eragon



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