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Author: Piers Bizony
250 Pages
Publisher: Billboard Books
ISBN: 0823079287
Price: Unavailable




Back in 1993, the term “visual effects” were pretty much ignored by Hollywood executives until a certain bearded man came up with a dinosaur movie that stormed the box-office records worldwide. And that perhaps lead three wise men by the name of Scott Ross, James “I-am-King-of-the-world” Cameron and Stan Winston who saw the potential in it and founded one of the industry’s best effects house called “Digital Domain” besides ILM.

This hardcover book traces “Digital Domain” from their roots in showcasing their technology in movies such as “Apollo 13”, “The Fifth Element” and “True Lies” to creating effects for MTVs and commercials. Ironically, Piers’s intention was to introduce the cutting-edge special effects techniques applied to the audience using the most layman terms ever. However, his way of writing apparently doesn’t really seem to go well with readers. Large chunks of text are dedicated to the tedious processes for example, CGI morphing, rotoscoping ignoring the fact that a picture says a thousands words.

Although there’s enough lavish generous pictures layout but somehow, it’s insufficient to create much of an impact. It’s an added pity that movies such as “Fight Club”, “Interview with an Vampire” and “X-men” are not given much attention despite being pretty well-known movies.

Digital Domain's performance in the industry seem to be rather sluggish in recent years after their Academy-award winning "Titanic". Two reasons could be one, greatly shadowed by better, cheaper emerging effects houses and two, the movies they did were pretty much mediocre and forgettable. In 2007, Director Michael Bay purchased his way into the company and Digital Domain did part of Bay's Transformers' effects.


A definite must-read for fans of digital art and visual effects or Cinefex.

Review by Linus Tee


. The Winston Effect: The Art & History of Stan Winston Studio (Book Review)

A selection of movies in which Digital Domain worked on:

. The Golden Compass

. Transformers

. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

. Zodiac

. The Hitcher

. Letters From Iwo Jima

. Flags Of Our Fathers

. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

. My Super Ex-Girlfriend

. Stealth

. Dark Water

. Flight of the Phoenix

. I, Robot

. Aeon Flux (DVD)



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