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Katherine Paterson
176 Pages
Publisher: Harper Entertainment (December 2006)
ISBN: 0061227285
Price: S$13.95 (Available in Borders)





It is obvious that this book by Katherine Paterson was written with kids aged below 15 in mind. But that has not stopped us from reviewing it – after all, it did win a John Newbery Medal for the most distinguished contribution to American Literature for children in 1978.

And this ageless story captured our hearts so affectingly; we feel that anyone who had a childhood will love the novel.

Paterson crafts a simple tale of friendship and imagination where two very different kids get together to create an imaginary land of Terabithia. There, the two buddies rule as king and queen, and an imminent tragedy eventually brings about a life lesson one will never forget. It has already been adapted into a Gabor Csupo-directed movie featuring kid stars Josh Hutcherson and AnnaSophia Robb as the two leads.

The easy-to-browse book sails through its plot with child-like innocence, and that will make you reminisce about the simplicity that is sorely missing in your life now. Also, the characters are loveable and identifiable, thanks to the story’s vivid descriptions of the main protagonists.

But what will touch you as an adult is the twist of events at the end of the novel. We are not giving anything away here. What we will say is: your emotions will be confronted. And that’s where you realize how much you have grown up over the years.


They took turns swinging across the gully on the rope. It was a glorious autumn day, and if you looked up as you swung, it gave you the feeling of floating. Jess leaned back and drank the rich, clear color of sky. He was drifting, drifting like a fat white lazy cloud across the blue.
“Do you know what we need?” Leslie called to him. Intoxicated as he was with the heavens, he couldn’t imagine needing anything on earth.
“We need a place,” she said, “just for us. It would be so secret that we would never tell anyone in the whole world about it.”


A meaningful tale that can be used to educate the young, as well as awaken some of the dormant emotions you have inside you. 

Review by John Li


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