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Frank Miller
88 Pages
Publisher: Dark Horse (Dec 15, 1999)
ISBN: 1569714029
Price: S$39.90 (Available in Borders)





"300" is an absolutely stunning recounting of the heroism of the ancient Spartans as they stood and fell before the might of the largest armed force on the planet. This simple tale of how one man refused to allow the glory of Greece to fade before a barbarous horde is punctuated by breathtaking battle scenes, glorious heroism, and base treachery.

Miller does a fine job telling the famous story of the Battle of Thermopylae, presenting not only the exhilarating military confrontation between hundreds of thousands of Persians against a tiny force of Greeks, but also incorporating the philosophical and cultural underpinnings that separated these worlds. While some of the dialogue used towards this aim is likely ahistorical, Miller captures much of how the battle was seen in western culture for generations to come. Indeed, several What If historical essays have been written by noted historians imagining the Persians strangling the concept of citizenship and polity while still in the crib by winning that battle.

Miller's style will not appeal to everyone. It lacks the clean preciseness of his City series. It is deliberately crude and unpolished in some respects, the coloring often drab and dark. Miller's trademark gritty-poetic style, and Lynn Varley's colors add true, muted life to the pencilwork. As with most "adult-oriented" graphic novels, 300 is full of gruesome, even sadistic violence. A word must also be given to 300's landscape formatting, an ideal opportunity for Miller to present an epic battle in all its terror and beauty, which he does to its full effect.

With the impending arrival of the film based on this work, doubtless many eyes that otherwise would never have enjoyed 300 will have the opportunity to gaze upon its pages. That is all to the good. One can only hope that after recognizing the heights that the form can reach, they will move on to other fine works. Whether new to graphic novels or an old hand, 300 will surely not disappoint.


“No. Not Fear. Only a restlessness, a hightened sense of things. the rocky soil beneath his feet. the salty breeze. the snoring and shallow breathing of the three hundred boys in his charge -- Ready to Die for him without a moment's pause, every one of them.”


If you're a fan of Frank Miller's Sin City series, this is a short epic for you to enjoy. Beautifully engulfed with macho-warrior angst, it is inspirational at it's very least for the war-wrapped minds of the Spartans. My only qualm is its shear physical size. But perhaps its to match its grandure and scale...

Review by Lokman B S


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