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You have seen her face on countless fashion magazine’ covers and on reel of course but nothing beats seeing the dazzling Shu Qi in real-life. In town for the press conference and gala premiere of the Korean action comedy, “My Wife Is A Gangster 3”, the immersing popular series is given a fresh twist this time round by director Jo Jin-gyu (who directed the original) by bringing in a non-Korean speaking actress, Shu Qi.

Shu Qi plays A-ryong, a daughter of a triad boss in Hong Kong, wrongfully accused of killing the boss of a rival gang and is force to leave the country to stay in Korea. There, she met Lee Beom-soo who plays her host cum bodyguard, of course there will be some romance sparks ignited. But off-camera, Lee is more like an older brother who knows how to take good care of Shu Qi and protect her.

She admits being an actress in a foreign land, language is the worst barrier thus it’s also important to be equip with a good translator around. But from the way she sounds, her translator probably never did the job well, Shu Qi was lamenting her inability to convey her emotions and lines as requested by the director. As a result might adversely affect her performance.

Being an action-comedy genre, there’s no escaping from the action spectacles of course. In one particularly scene, Shu Qi has to simultaneously fight 50 stunt men. She fondly recalled she accidentally hit a stuntman during the ordeal but the camera has to go on running, the lanky girl only gets her chance to apologies much later.

If you think all the action sequences on the screen is all enhanced and wire effect-works, think again. Shu Qi unfortunately injured her back while making a landing. An old injury from an earlier movie caused it to recur during filming. But the gutsy lady continued the filming for the day instead of going to the hospital, as she didn’t want to stall the shoot.

Shu Qi has come a long way since her less-than-glamourous category III actress days. The prolific actress has proven her acting chops in the Pang Brothers’ “The Eye 2”, worked with the industry leading men liked Jackie Chan and has an English-speaking role in Luc Besson’s “The Transporter”. Watch out for more of her performances in the coming years. And yes, one can be both as pretty and talented as Shu Qi.

Lastly, her pair of sexy legs kills.

Catch more of Shu Qi on this page as she graces the official launch of Cathay Cineplex AMK Hub. It’s truly a mega event in the heartlands with an Asian Superstar to grace the occasion. What a difference it makes!

My Wife is a Gangster 3 opens 5 July and is reviewed here


Report: Linus Tee | Photos: Richard Lim Jr & Lokman BS
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