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For fans of TVB HK dramas, the time of the year has come- The annual event of meeting the stars from TVB organized by local video distributor Scorpio East was held over the past weekend. This time round (see our coverage of 2006 TVB Star Tour too), crowd-favourite Roger Kwok Chun On, Steven Ma Chi Wai, Tavia Yeung and Shirley Yeung Sze Ki were present to meet eager fans. But before that, let moviexclusive.com pry more juicy tidbits out from the mouths of Roger and Steven. Read on to know more…

Up close with Roger Kwok:-

Mentioned Roger Kwok Chun On and many aunties or even little kids will remember him as Ah Wang. The innocent, dim-wit character he so famously portrayed on-screen. But Roger is quite concerned being stereotyped, however he laments since his boss finds it profitable, he will have to adhere to the requests. Positively, he sees it as an opportunity for him to instill minor changes and creative freedom to the Ah Wang mould rather than sticking to the same old formula.

Mentioned about his latest drama (“Glittering Days”) where he plays a heartthrob star Ling Fung, his character is a combination from the characteristics of the late flamboyant singer, Roman Tam and Adam Cheng according to Roger. He adopted Roman’s manner of brushing his eyebrows and Adam’s empowering stage appearance as some of the main traits of Ling Fung. His fave song in the serial happens to be “Wo De Xin Li Zi You Ni” loosely translated as “My heart has only you”, a classic love song which has passionate lyrics about suppressed emotions and love regrets.

Roger who also acted in the recent “Kungfu Mahjong 3” preferred to act in dramas as compared to movies. Dramas allowed audience to feel and get involved with the character as the plot evolves, movies on the other hand is a bit stressful on him added Roger, as he needs to get into character readily given the short shooting time.

For the man who loved our little island resort, Sentosa and the nice view Fullerton Hotel offers to one of his fave drama serials, “Shanghai Bund”, Ah Wang aka Roger Kwok in real-life is the no-airs, simple man akin to his usual screen characters.

But to producers, who are reading this article, give this man a role that requires him to act in the grandiose Forbidden City. He is really looking forward to that.

Up close with Steven Ma:-

In recent times, there’s only one question anyone who comes close to Steven Ma will ask, “How’s your eye?” You see, Steven has a freak accident some time ago while shooting a scene on a horse which causes him to injure his right eye. The entertainment headlines state that Steven might go blind because of it. But Steven himself rest assured that his eye is pretty all right now not exactly in tune with those exaggerated reports.

Steven who received rave reviews for his role in “Safe Guards” revealed that he needs to memorize at least 6 pages of script for every episode, a task that gets too dizzy for him to handle (even for him who possess quite a good memory in his school days) if the director request for a similar take at different angles. But still at the end of the day, Steven prefers period dramas to contemporary ones. The former allows him to have a free rein over the character as it’s detach from reality although he admits the latter is of course more comfortable minus off the layers of clothing and heavy head gear.

As with many actors, a villain role is what they most look forward to playing. Steven is no exception. But his company is too cautious for that, insisting that wicked roles are not for him just yet. When prompt for his less than impressive profile on the papers, Steven brushed it off saying he has no need for that kind of gossipy appearances in the papers, what matter most to him is his acting credibility in dramas. At the end of the day, audience will remember a memorable drama or role but not some forgettable gossips.

His role model in fact is Gallen Lo who was once the “Number Two” actor in TVB (but has since left for greener pastures), Steven admires Gallen not only for his acting ability but also his down-to-earth manner of handling matters.

It seems that the handsome Steven Ma looks set to be the next generation of must-watch actors in TVB. Remember to catch Steven in “Land Of Wealth” and “The Brink of Law”.

We wish Roger and Steven all the best in their television careers and here’s a toast to the success of TVB Start Tour 2007!

Photos/Interview/Report: Richard Lim Jr and Linus Tee
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