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By Richard Lim Jr

Just imagine this … being able to catch the latest theatre movie at the comfort of your very own home. There will be no worries on chatty movie goers, seats kicker or even those hand phone users who does not realize that the lights from their hand phone could be a glaring distraction in the dark cinema.

Sound impossible?

Not anymore, Popular Hong Kong Singer Actor Eason Chan will be having his movie “The Pye-Dog” premiering on Singtel mio TV 10 JAN 2008 10pm, the very same day as the movie makes it’s debut in our local cinema.

And the kicker is …. Singtel mio TV customers will get the option to watch it in either Cantonese or Mandarin language with English and Chinese subtitles. For folks who understand or appreciate the Cantonese language will know that there this special oomph in catching a Hong Kong movie in it’s original soundtrack compared to the dubbed Mandarin.

This is all made possible thanks to the collaboration between Singtel mio TV and Mei Ah Movie Channel. Speaking at the press conference, Patrick Tong, Managing Director of Mei Ah mention that The Pye-Dog Same Day premiere will be the first step and they are looking into the possibility of having more of such premieres in the future. When asked if having such Same Day premiere on TV would cannibalize the box office taking, Mr Low Ka Hoe, SingTel's Director of mio TV and Content was happy to report that based on findings, such premiere could actually increase revenue for both platforms. Citing examples such as people who enjoyed the movie in the big screen could easily watch it again at home with their TV.

Eason Chan and fellow actress Gia Lin both made their way down to Singtel Comcentre to chat about their film.

Although the director wasn’t able to turn up for this historical event, Eason Chan shared with us that the lead character persona he played in “The Pye-Dog” was actually based on the director Derek Kwok. It wasn’t a easy decision for Derek Kwok to start his directing life with such a personal film as there were seniors in the industry who advised him to start with a more commercial viable piece of work instead. However as Eason Chan pointed out, there could only be one debut work and advised him to choose what’s close to his heart instead. As a result, Derek Kwok is proud to have “The Pye-Dog” as the first inclusion in his resume and Eason Chan was proud to have contributed in this production.

Recounting the work he did in The Pye Dog two years ago, Eason Chan pointed out that his favourite scene was near the finale when the little boy, Wen Jun Hui had to pushed him onto the floor and that emotional scene was repeated many times until it was late and Wen Jun Hui was too tired to perform anymore. Gai Lin also praised for Wen Jun Hui and was equally impressed with the young actor’s performance.

Fret not if you have missed the premier of “The Pye-Dog” on the 10th Jan 2008. From 7 Feb 2008 onwards, Mei Ah Movies Channel will commence the airing of “The Pye-Dog” on mio TV.

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Report & Photos : Richard Lim Jr
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