In the name of
the Dragon
Asian Panel Discussion: Featuring
Jackie Chan

Dragon Sighting I: The Pod at the National library, level 16.
Date/Time: 11 September 2005. 14:30pm

The National Library is the last place you might be thinking of if you have the intention to hold a press conference. But the press conference for action superstar Jackie Chan’s latest blockbuster “The Myth” did just that.

Held at The Pod on the 16th floor, the place offers a bird eye view of the city. Even Jackie was impressed. Together with his sexy co-star, Mallika Sherawat and Director Stanley Tong, Jackie is here once again to promote his US$20 million production, "The Myth”. Described as a departure from his usual style of pure action octane extravaganza, “The Myth” offers a good mixture of fantasy, romance and action. The boyish Stanley Tong has to spend a good 2 years researching and coming up with the script before Jackie gave his approval. Stanley who had helmed Jackie’s Hollywood breakthrough effort, “Rumble In The Bronx” and “CIA Strikes Back” knew Jackie’s desire to do something different. Not denying their combined interests in historical elements did helped to propel them to do “The Myth”.

This time round, Jackie plays an archeologist who stumbles upon an ancient sword that somehow connects him to his past life as a Qin general.

Simply put, Jackie is tired of rehashing the same formulas, tired of churning out “Rush Hour”, “Rush Hour 2”, “Shanghai Noon”, “Shanghai Knights”, tired of his trademark “Police Story” series too.

When it comes to Jackie, the topic of his leading ladies never defer, he was posed a tremendously daunting question from the press, “Who is sexier in comparison, Mallika or his other beautiful co-star Kim Hee-Seon (who was not present)? By adding that Kim Hee-Seon is in fact a crazy, bubbly lady a major difference to her on-screen side, he cleverly avoided any controversy.

As for the incredibly stunning Mallika, Jackie has non-stop praises for her. Mallika who has zero background in martial arts insists on doing her own stunts. However, Jackie has to step in to console her after every take given the strenuous physical nature.

Living up to his “Big Brother” stature, Jackie is candid and forthcoming in the Q&A session, generously dispensing nuggets of wisdom. Ask him what could possibly revive the flagging HK movie-making industry. He replied it’s none other than money. In his own lengthy explanation, he is currently channeling the money he made from Hollywood to make his HK productions which he has more satisfaction in. Secondly, pumping in his own money instills more confidence in attracting more investors. And yes, piracy is indeed killing the movie industry and also the economy on the whole according to the man.

Well, that’s Jackie Chan, a man who proclaimed he’s both a myth and miracle (reference to his movies). An action star that have seen tonnes of other artistes come and go and he’s still standing on the stage today. To us, Jackie falls harder and run faster than anybody. No doubt, the man is lucky in some aspects but by no means a pure myth.

A side note: The audience might have little chance to see Jackie off-screen. From our observance, throughout the press conference, he gently pours mineral water for Director Stanley Tong and Mallika and after, placed the empty bottles aside.

And also has the politeness to remind the throng of photographers (our guys Leosen and Lokman were among them) from the media to be mindful of their steps.

In this aspect, Jackie is indeed a star to be respected not just from his movies but his real-life personality. We salute him for these small gestures.

Reported by Linus Tee | Photos & Layout by: Lokman BS

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