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Massive number of media groups. Check.

Massive number of fans. Check

Massive raindrops. That’s optional.

We can only use the word “massive” when Asia’s prince of pop, Jay Chou and his co-star, Kwai Lun-mei descent into town for the promotional tour of Jay’s first directorial debut “Secret”. Greeting the media at Fullerton hotel, Jay Chou’s spirits were high despite a tiring whirlwind promotional tour in Hong Kong the day before.

Jay elaborates that the feeling of making his first movie is akin to the time when he was making his debut music album. Perhaps the film crew wasn’t confident in him during the beginning of the shooting process but fortunately things turn better when they see how committed and serious he is as the day goes admits Jay.

The beautiful Kwai Lun-mei was relatively surprised to pick up a call from the man himself for the role of Lu Xiao-Yu. Jay has seen Kwai in a Taiwanese film called “Blue Gate Crossing” and found her suiting for the role. An actual meet up with the lovely Kwai affirms Jay’s choice.

The versatile Anthony Wong reprises the “father” role in “Secret” (He plays the father of Jay’s character in “Initial D” too). Taking a jab at Wong’s earlier notorious Category III roles, Jay cheekily revealed that it’s hard to imagine the “char-sao bao” maker actually knows how to play the tunes on the piano as well. And apparently even Kwai herself has experience in playing the piano when she was young.

When prompt what kind of genres will he tackle next? Jay reveals since he loves suspense thriller, he might make one with action elements in it but he will only decide if “Secret” manage to achieve half of the box-office receipts of his previous movie, “The Curse of the Golden Flower”.

With such a massive fan base Asia wide; it might not be that hard after all. Jay has displayed his directorial potential in his MVs and “Secret” has proven his debut in directing shouldn’t be taken lightly.

It was drizzling pretty heavily on the red carpet at The Grand Cathay later in the night but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the yes, massive throngs of enthusiastic Jay’s fans. Not to forget acknowledging the hardwork of our crew who managed a good video or two for our dear readers and also snapshots of the Superstar and Kwai onstage.

So check out the videos and photos here on mx and don’t forget to pry into Jay Chou’s “Secret” on the 8th of August.

Report: Linus Tee | Photos: Richard Lim Jr | Video: Lokman BS
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