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You almost mistake this press conference for a Taiwan tourism board promotion when the guests present go on and on about how pretty and scenic Taiwan is. The four principal cast members of the Taiwan idol drama “Romantic Princess” were in Singapore to promote the popular series. And the four pretty boys were full of praises for the picturesque locations in the show.

“The places we went to were so beautiful, I took pictures of myself and posted them on my blog,” says the well-dressed George Hu, who plays one of the four possible heirs to a prestigious aristocratic family in the drama series.

Sharing his sentiments is Eric Lee, who plays a shy and quiet fellow heir candidate. “We ran to many gorgeous places which I’ve never gone to before,” says the actor almost immediately when asked about his most enjoyable experience while filming this series.

The story centers on the four men, who are possible candidates to become the heir of the family. Throw in a cutesy Angela Chang who has always had the dream to become an heiress and you get a sweet romantic comedy that scores high on the eye candy section. Although everyone looks happy and contented on the show, all’s not a breeze during the two-month production period.

Hu says: “We have to finish shooting 21 pages of script in a day, which is about three times the rate of a normal production.

Wu Chun of the very popular Taiwan boy-band Fahrenheit reveals: “The director for this series is known as the ‘speedy director’, and if you don’t do your preparations, you will be reprimanded.” Being the most active of the lot, Wu livened up the press conference with his chatty personality. When the floor remains unresponsive after being prompted for questions, the handsome Wu teases: “If we are in Taiwan, I’ll see hands shooting up all over!”

The tall actor also animatedly ran around the table when he was asked about his kissing scene with leading lady Chang. “It was a circling tracking shot and there was no way we couldn’t let our lips touch!” laughs Wu.

Fellow Fahrenheit member Calvin Chen recalls his kissing scene with actress Genie Zhuo. “I felt embarrassed when we were shooting it, but when the director tells us that it is deleted in the final version, I felt disappointed,” says the lean Chen.

The rest of the members have also voted Chen as the most attractive boy who would get the most number of calls from girls. The rest of the cast members need not worry too much though, because each of them is pretty in their own right, and coupled with the scenic views of pretty Taiwan, the drama series is definitely worth watching just for its prettiness.

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Report: John Li | Layout: Linus Tee | Photos: Scorpio East
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