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Talk about “Re-cycle” and you will be surprised to learn that the new Pang Brothers latest horror offering is literally about “re-cycle”. Oxide Pang, one half of the fame directing siblings and Angelica Lee Sin-jie (who’s also his real-life girlfriend) are in town for a whirlwind publicity tour to plug their new CG horror fare “Re-cycle”. Oxide explained in Cantonese (with Angelica as his translator) the concept of “re-cycle” derives basically from the surroundings. Be it deserted places, abandoned people and even the fragile environment. Thus “Re-cycle” is in fact not simply a tale to scare you off. It has profound meanings which you need to decipher.

When prompt by the host if he’s afraid of ghosts since they are the experts in the horror genre, Oxide jokingly replied that since the “ghosts” in his movies are purely just actors, there’s no need to be afraid of but he doesn’t the deny the fact that he will be scared stiff if he comes across a “real” one!

For those who have been keeping an “eye” (pun intended) on the entertainment world will know that the Pang Brothers next project will be the Hollywood remake of their 1999 crime thriller “Bangkok Dangerous”. Nicolas Cage is rumoured to be taking the lead role and shooting will begin somewhere in August in Thailand.

With the press conference coming to an end, moviexclusive.com has the privilege to have an up close and personal session with Angelica and here is the meaty info we uncovered:

MX: First of all, can tell us one major difference between “The Eye” and “Re-cycle” given that both of them are marketed as ‘horror thriller’ and directed by the Pang Brothers?

Angelica: I guess one of the major differences is the heavy use of CG animation. CG consists of the bulk of “Re-cycle”, almost 70% of the movie is shot on bluescreen including some of the major sequences involving vast landscapes. “Re-cycle” could be the first major Asian horror movie to do that.

MX: Have you ever come across or experience any supernatural happenings in real-life?

Angelica: No. But I do believe in the existence of the supernatural even though we never actually avoid or pay attention to certain superstitious beliefs during filming.

MX: You have dabbled in drama, romance and horror genres these years, what kind of genre do you wish to challenge yourself in next?

Angelica: (After a long pause) Action.

MX (interrupt): But weren’t you in the action drama “Divergence” last year?

Angelica: (Jokingly) Hey! I wasn’t in any of the action sequences. In fact, I just finished a drama in China and there’s scenes that requires me to do combat fighting and I need to undergo vigorous martial-arts training beforehand. I find it pretty refreshing and challenging if I were to take up such a role in an action movie even though you tend to sustain injuries in the process.

MX: After taking on HK, Taiwan and Mainland China film productions, any plans to go as far as Hollywood or the European art-house side?

Angelica: It’s very passive and unfortunately difficult for an actress to decide on which projects or country to go to next. Everything from director to script we have to leave it to chance. For me, I just play my role as an actress and play it well.

MX: Most of the time, you are under the media radar and maintain a rather low profile except for appearances at music or movie promotional tours, is it meant to be this way?

Angelica: I’m a person who will not turn up at major media events just for the sake of showing my face. I prefer to appear in the media only when I have a new movie to promote or album releasing. I would rather not give paparazzi a chance to write about me. So that’s why I choose to spend my free time upgrading myself. I love attending all sort of courses, cooking, yoga, English class and yes even martial arts!

MX: What’s your next movie and when’s your next music album be releasing?

Angelica: I’m currently doing a movie in the wild reserves in Taiwan called “The Drummer” which will be shown at festivals once it’s done. Unfortunately, there are plenty of stray dogs, mosquitoes around in the nature (laughs) to bug me. Other than that, it’s an entirely new experience for me as I’m required to learn how to play the drums. And there are no plans on the pipeline to release another new album.

MX: What’s the first thing you look forward to accomplish if one day you decide to quit showbiz?

Angelica: (After a pause and declaring this as a tough question). I would love to go to university to complete a degree in child psychology. All along I have a tendency to assist and dispense advice to people in need of help because basically I’m a person who likes to stick my nose in people’s business thus having a relevant degree in this field might help. And also doing charity work will be another alternative for me.

Time files and it’s time for us to go. But before the moviexclusive.com team makes our exit, we managed to gain Angelica’s consent to help us record her “so-sweet” plug on her new horror thriller “Re-cycle”. You can see it here.

  Re-Cycle Gala premiere

The Singapore Gala Premiere of the Pang Brothers new film, Re-Cycle, took place at Prince 1 on Thursday night 9:15pm. The host, Peifen from Yes933FM Radio was on hand to liven things up for the eager crowd awaiting the lead actress Lee Sinje and one half of the directing duo Oxide Pang. To keep the crowd occupied, some games were played where contestants who answered some questions about the movie correctly, won a collectible T-shirt.

But after the third question, the guests had already arrived, and this was what they have to share with the near full house at Prince 1 - click on the video to find out more

This friendly and chatty “Angel” certainly leaves us wanting for more. We can’t wait to see her in-person next time. Remember to catch “Re-cycle” when it opens here on 6 July, only in theaters.

“Re-cycle” is review here.

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