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Director Ahn Kwon Tae, Korean Actor, Won Bin and Producer, Chung Hae Suk, gracing the event on thier first visit to Singapore.

Won Bin Ahn Kwon Tae Chung Hae Suk

On Tuesday 11 Jan 2005, Korea Superstar Won Bin was at Jurong East’s IMM to promote his new film "My Brother" with Director Ahn Kwon Tae and Producer Chung Hae Suk. The shy and undoubtedly good looking actor apologized for not being able to come to Singapore for the promotion of his last film, "Brotherhood", last year as he was busy filming "My Brother" during that period.

Nevertheless, he was very happy to see the support that his fans showed for his new film "My Brother".

He started sharing with us that, unlike the character he portrayed in "My Brother", he would not fight with his brother over a girl and neither did he had any brawls with his classmates before. The differences grew wider as, in the movie, his character had a crush on an attractive classmate and in real life, he unwilling revealed that he never had any crush on anyone before and instead of him sending love letters, he was on the receiving end and had taken good care of those letters.

When he was further questioned on how he might go about wooing a girl, he shyly avoided replying that question. Perhaps to please most of his fans here (and maybe to uphold his shy boy image!) or perhaps he really do not need to make any moves as he might very well be used to girls flocking to him like bees to honey.

With such vast differences between the role he played and his personality, he revealed that he needs only a good script to immerse himself into the role. Once submerged in that role, this versatile actor would be able to cry on cue or turn into the troublemaker, and the director added, once Won Bin is into any role, he does not require any aid from anyone, even the director.

When the Korean visitors were asked about their most memorable part of the film, "My Brother", all three visitors had different answers.

For Won Bin, the most memorable part would be near the end when he climbed up the tree and thought of his brother. The director, Ahn Kwon Tae, however, added that his favourite part of the film was when Won Bin collected photographs at a photo developing shop and was asked who took those photos. For the producer, Chung Hae Suk, the most touching part for him was the scene when the brothers had a fight at the doorstep of their home and
their mother had to intervene.

Digressing from the film "My Brother", it seems that the media and fans are more worried about Won Bin’s superstar status after he enlists in the army. He seems to be the least affected by the pending enlistment for National Service. He is not worried that he might lose his appeal or popularity with his fans after a two-year absence, instead he is confident of maturing to bring a different type of appeal to his fans.

Although unsure what the future holds for him after his stint in National Service, Won Bin is sure of one thing, he will definitely miss his family, friends and his fans when he is away.


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