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...no, the page won't self-destruct in 5 seconds. We're not that technologically advanced to create such a technology. Speaking of technology, did you know that sitting at the premiere shopping junction of Orchard Road, on the best recognised landmark, the Shaw House, is the largest, sharpest LED board in Singapore? Being one of the gala venues of Mission Impossible 3, Mediatech took the opportunity to proudly unveil the latest, most advanced, state-of-the-art LED board that allows a higher and sharper resolution than its predecessor.

Together with DHL and Nokia, an explosive account was held outside the Shaw House for the unveiling. Spotlights were lit and tension was abound. Across the street, crowds were gathering, awaiting what was to come. After-office-hours traffic soon began building up and at exactly 730pm, the familiar tune of Lalo Schifrin's theme song, blared across the venue.


Two rockets flared up from the ground to the roof and soon emerged, two rappellers, rappelling dangerously down, followed by another two, bringing down the covers to unveil the brand new Panasonic LED screen to be awed at. To finish it off, pyrotechnic displays were full blown. Crowds gasped and screamed at the spectacle. Although the event was a short burst of energy, the introduction of the new LED board was generously welcomed as applause was aroused at the finale.

What is it that is so good about the LED screen?
For starters, it is the vivid colours that pull the most attraction. Not only does it have a higher contrast and resolution than the competitors, what is more interesting is its wider viewing angle. You can see it even from a 150 degree angle. It is definitely a view to look out for when you walk down Orchard Road.

As announcements were made for the invited guests to head to the cinema, short dance performances were made to enthrall the eager audience. TV stars such as Phyllis Quek of Hype Records and other artistes Like Jimmy T, Allan Wu and Wong Li Lin from Fly Entertainment.were spotted gracing the event making the gala and even more star studded one.

Soon, the doors opened and everyone who flooded the theaters was greeted by a surprise at their seats. No, it was not a self-destructive enveloped message, but a special goodie bag that consisted of a copy of the latest 8days magazine, a DHL travel bag, MI3 special calculator/pen combo and to top it off, free popcorn and a bottle of Pepsi!

What can beat such a grand opening at Shaw House? Perhaps Tom Cruise himself strolling past, welcoming us all. Perhaps in our dreams but nothing can get better than this.

Report: Lokman B S | Photos: Lokman B S and Red Dawn Communications | Video: Stefan Shih | Layout: Lokman B S 

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