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     LOOK AT ME : Interview with MARILOU BERRY

Marilou Berry flying solo to Singapore to grace the closing night of the 20th Singapore French Festival.

The closing event for the 20th Singapore French Film Festival was screening of a sweet and funny movie "Comme Une Image" or in english "Look At Me".

This is the story of Lolita Cassard, a 20-year-old girl who is angry at the whole world because she doesn't look like the girls in the magazines, nor like her step-mother, and who would so love to be beautiful, at least in the eyes of her father or even have him look at her at all.

Gracing the occasion was no other then the lead actress herself, Marilou Berry.

Even though with her busy schedule, MovieXclusive.com managed to get an exclusive interview with her at the Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore.

You must be tired from the flight?
Oh no its ok, I’ve had a good night.

Have you gone around Singapore?
A bit, we’ve been to the botanical garden, to little India...

Oh you went to little India already?
Yes a little bit last night

Must be a rush.
It was during the screen yesterday, I had quite a bit of time so what better way to make full use of it.

So are you planning to go to any of the other sights later?
Yeah, we’re going back to little India and maybe tonight to Chinatown.

Maybe you could drop by Geylang Serai, since the Hari Raya festive is just a round the corner too?
Hmm, maybe tonight after the screening perhaps.

Are you rushing back for filming?
No, no, I was only invited for only three days. So... (Laughs)

How did you get involve with this film production in the first place?
I went for an audition and was given a script. I was really attracted it. Later, I was told that I was doing the part and I was very happy. (Laughs)

The film seems to deal with personal individual insecurity. Is there any aspect in your life that you weren’t confident of?
Yes. I think like everybody. I’m not the character but I understand her.

Which character in the movie is your favorite?
Sebastian. He a nice character. He’s the only one that doesn’t change. Whether he’s with me or Agnes or my father, he stays to what he is and I think that he is the most important character because he shows the right way. He says the truth. He’s not going to lie to please someone. In teh movie, when he said that’s my father didn’t hear me at the concert, he didn’t say it to create drama, he just says it because its natural for him.

But there was an aspect of him that he has something to hide, like his real name. Why wasn’t there a development on that?
Because it’s a part of his character to makes me grow and he’s growing with me too. When I discovered his real name on his ID, he doesn’t hide. He says that he uses that name to work and it’s true. It’s just for practical reason and I dun think he’s ashamed of his real identity or anything.

You mention the singing was done by someone else, but you did work on yourself a few month of practice on how to sing. Wouldn’t you have liked to do your own singing for the movie?
No, because there is a big difference. She has a nice voice whereas mine sounds like singing in the shower. Yes I have a few months of practice but it doesn’t compare with 2 years of experience like the character.

Since u DO have practice in singing maybe we could have a taste of it?
You want me to sing something? No…really. You would really be disappointed…I’d like to keep it a mystery… (Laugh)

How would you like to promote this movie to Singaporean?
That’s a good question. I don’t know. I think that the only difference with promotion in France and here is that, people are not used to this kind of movie. I just like them to watch the movie; it’s all the same reaction everywhere even in Nigeria or New York. The importance of the image is the same everywhere.

Let’s discuss about you now. The movie has become the No 1 film in France. Has it changed your life more? Do you get recognized on the street?
It’s my 1st work as a professional so definitely it has changed a lot on my life but people don't recognize me because I don't look the same in the movie. I cut my hair. I don't dress the same. Some do, but not much.

Did you cut your hair for the movie?
No. Actually I wanted to cut before the movie and told Agnes about it but she said “No, No, No don’t cut your hair!” (Laughs)

Your mother is a famous actress in France. Do u ever feel pressured to live up to her expectation?
No. At least not from my mum or family. I know people are going to say, “Oh my god, she’s the daughter of...” but not for very long. My style is very different from hers and that is important because its shows more of me.

If you were not in this profession, acting that is, what would you be doing?
I couldn’t tell what I would do if I wasn’t what I am…I don’t know. Maybe a voice teacher… or a bread maker? (Laughs)

What turns you on creatively?
Music, jazz, all kind of music, movies. I love movies. I watch DVDs, go to the cinema..

Do you have a favorite movie?
I love Terry Gilliam movies.

Didn’t he do 12 monkeys?
Yes, I love his work on The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

If you had a chance to be in a Hollywood movie, would you jump on it?
I don’t know. If the movie and script is good.

Maybe instead of Hollywood, would you like to work with Luc Besson in France?
He’s very famous in France, but I heard that women who work with him, marries him so... (Laughs) … so I’m not so sure, if it’s a good movie and has a good script, why not?

That's about it. Thank you for your time.
Thank you too!

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