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    Everybody let's Kungfu Fighting !

Cast of KUNGFU HUSTLE in Singapore.

“KungFu Hustle” marks another milestone in Asian top comedian Stephen Chow's movie career. Not only does it marks his first collaboration with a Hollywood studio, it is also a realization of his childhood dream to make a movie that pay compliments to various forms of Chinese martial Arts.

After three years of filming plus a hefty production cost, it is not surprising that the movie Director (also the producer, scriptwriter, and lead actor of the movie) Stephen Chow and his co-stars is touring around Asia to promote the movie. Fortunately for Singapore movie buffs, Stephen Chow and his co-stars: Huang Sheng Yi, Yuen Qiu, Lam Tze Chung, Chan Kwok Kwan, and Tin Kai Man were here in Singapore on 20 Dec 2004 for the movie promotion.

The promotional event of the movie in Singapore, which ranged from an early morning press conference, an KungFu Idol competition, to an evening gala premiere, shows that the film-makers meant business in ensuring the box-office of the movie.

The Team@moviexclusive were proud to bring you the coverage of all the promotional events of “KungFu Hustle” !

10:30a.m. - The Press Conference at the Shangri-La Hotel

During the press conference hosted by YES 933FM DJ Lim Leng Kee, Stephen Chow and his co-stars regularly expressed their gratitude towards the biggest investor of the movie, Columbia TriStar, for their support in terms of technical and creative aspects. When asked about his intention in making the movie, Stephen Chow cited that his priority in making every movie is to entertain the audience. Although the Malaysian audience was skeptical
with the numerous violent sequences in the movie, Stephen Chow assured:

"First, we have already reduced most of the violent scenes in the movie to the minimum. Bear in mind that we are talking about the theme "KungFu" here so it is unavoidable that kungFu involved sparring scenes, which is what we commonly termed as "violent". However, we have infused comedic elements to tone down the violent content and the results are still acceptable as a wholesome family entertainment movie."

Regarding the many Chinese and Taiwanese media comments that his movies were "meaningless", Stephen Chow firmly retaliated:

"First there are also many critics who likes my movies. This is something that really makes me happy and motivated. As for some medias who have a different opinion, I felt that they may have overly exaggerated my intention. I make movies to entertain hence I like to keep it simple."

Making her debut appearance is Beijing Film Academy undergraduate, Huang Sheng Yi. Equally nervous and excited about the opportunity to work alongside with the top names in Asian movies, Huang Sheng Yi had done many mental preparation for her dumb girl role in the movie.

"I had initially heard about how demanding Stephen Chow was as a Director. I am mentally prepared but at the same time very nervous when I faced him. Moreover, the other casts in the movie are all top talents in the industry and that's makes me more nervous. However, I gradually find Director Stephen Chow is actually very patience. He kept encouraging me and give me valuable suggestions to improve my performance."

The role of a dumb girl which Huang Sheng Yi acted may be challenging enough to a novice actress, the major sacrifice however were from other two co-stars of the movie: the cutie-giant, Lam Tze Chung and evergreen veteran actress, Yuen Qiu where both have to gain around 20 and 30 pounds respectively for their roles. What makes matter worst for granny" Yuen Qiu was that she has to pull off difficult stunts after adding the extra pounds. Dispersing rumours that Stephen Chow begged her to take on the role, Yuen Qiu commented:

"In fact, I was so longing to work with Director Stephen Chow that I immediately agreed to his offer when he approached me. After retired for so long, the role is definitely a challenge to me as I have to put on at least 30 pounds for my role. Stephen Chow as the director was expecting all of us to meet his requirement and the end result was that he had bring out the barbaric and dominating sides of me in the movie. However, I am telling you that I am in real life a gentle and lovable person!"

As for Lam Tze Chung, he is struggling in vain to restore to a healthy weight, especially now that he could not resist the wonderful Singapore cuisines. Nevertheless, he felt blessed with the bouncing flesh on him:

"I had greatly benefited from the experience especially when this time round I’m not required to be hang in mid-air."

"Actually we wanted him to have some action sequence. However, due to his weight, there are no equipments capable of lifting him up in the air!" Stephen Chow added.

Also starring on a less "action" role in the movie were Chan Kwok Kwan, and Tin Kai Man. After his well-remembered role as the "Bruce Lee" look-alike goalie in Shaolin Soccer, Chan Kwok kwan, plays the black-teeth mobster boss in the movie.

"This time I am the baddie in the movie and I got very nervous with the role. However, there are many experience people, including Director Stephen Chow, who had guided me patiently. I felt that I had greatly benefited from their advice. Moreover, this movie has the support from Columbia TriStar hence things were very comfortable."

Also enjoying the comfort, Tin Kai Man who was also in Shaolin Soccer, tactfully explain the purpose of his role in the movie.

"I like to thank Director Stephen Chow for not giving me any fighting scene as he show sympathy to an old man like me. The challenge of my role in the movie is that I do not have any fighting scene! If the audience are sick of the many fighting scenes in the movie, at least they can watch me, who don't fight in the movie."

The conference ends at 11:30a.m. However, more tasks await the Stars as they proceed to IMM to be the judges of the KungFu Idol competition final.

12:30p.m. - The KungFu Idol competition (Final) in the IMM

In spite of Monday blues, the crowd had gathered as early as 10:30a.m. to lay their hands on the exclusive movie premiums of Kungfu Hustle like the balloon axe, lollipop, tattoo stickers and movie posters.

The crowd cheers and wave their balloon axe in the air as their idol, Stephen Chow and his co-stars finally arrived on the stage. There may be roaring cheers for Stephen Chow, however, it was the gorgeous Huang Sheng Yi who became the camera darling.

Hosted by YES 933FM DJs Bukoh Mary and Dennis Chew, what's followed was an enjoyable afternoon of fun-filled activities of games, kungfu performance and KungFu Idol competition.

Our Stars were amazed with the number of KungFu talents in Singapore that Stephen Chow pleased the crowd with his comment that for his next KungFu movie, Singapore will be his hunting ground for KungFu stars!

06:00 p.m. - KungFu Hustle's Gala Premiere at Cathay Orchard Cineleisure

Hosted by YES 933 FM DJs, Lim Leng Kee and Cruz Teng, the red carpet event to the gala premiere of KungFu Hustle, held outside the main entrance of Cathay Orchard Cineleisure could be considered as one of the grandest spotted in 2004. An estimated crowd of almost 1000, mostly holding on to either the balloon axe, movie poster or lollipop, gathers on either sides of the red carpet, waiting eagerly to welcome the casts of the movie.

Prior to their arrival, the crowd were entertained by the "KungFu" performance by the students of Robin Leong's Ch'i Life studio and students of Kuen Culture. There were also dancers dressing as the Axe gang members to provide a lighter, non-violent mood to the event with their slick dance moves.

From 07:00p.m. onwards

Local celebrities gradually arrived to grace the event. Among those who parade down the red carpet were ex-artist Robin Leong and his students from Ch'i Life studio, Jack Neo and his stars of J-team Production, Irene Ang and her artists from Fly Entertainment Pte Ltd, local band group Electrico, and the newly-crowned Singapore Idol Tuafik Batisah and Singapore Idol finalist, Sylvester Sim.

And of course the dark sky were brightened by the numerous camera flash when the stars of KungFu Hustle finally arrived at the red carpet. Standing on stage to receive the interview from the DJs, Stephen Chow assured the cheering crowd:


08:30p.m. - Signature reception of Casts

Shortly prior to the premiere screening of the movie, all the local celebrities and media had gathered at the fourth level of Cathay Orchard Cineleisure for the signature session by Stephen Chow and the casts of the movie. The Stars were first invited on stage to have a photo taking session with the lucky winners of KungFu Hustle contest. Then the stars proceed to initial on the giant posters, which form the backdrop of the stage. The mischievous Tin Kai Man threaten to sign his name on the location of the poster where Stephen Chow's nose was had delighted the watching crowd. However, the usually cool Stephen Chow was not the least worried on Tim's intention.

09:00p.m. - Gala Premiere: KungFu Hustle

Finally, the neck-long wait is over as all local celebrities move swiftly into the theater to catch the Asian Premiere of KungFu Hustle. With jaws-dropping visual works and deafening sound effects, this movie looks promising to be a satisfying treat for all the audience.

As for Stephen Chow and the casts of the movie, it is time for them to get ready to harvest the crops they had painstakingly sow over the past three years!

This much anticipated movie from Asia's top comedian Stephen Chow will storm into Singapore theaters on 23 Dec 2004. Touted as the follow-up to the top selling movie in Asia, “Shaolin Soccer”, Stephen Chow boldly promised that “KungFu Hustle” would be much better than its pre-descendent. However, is Asia's comedian King Stephen Chow serious with his statement? Read our verdict of the movie now to find out!

Thank you friends of Columbia TriStar for their invitation to participate in this grand gala premiere of KungFu Hustle!

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