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    The Young And The Fury

From (L-R) Host, Gillian Chung and Director/Actor Stephen Fung (in a yellow "Kill Bill" tee given to him by action choreographer Yuen Wo Ping)

Stephen Fung and co-star Gillian Chung were here on Thursday at the Conrad Centennial Hotel for their latest Kungfu action comedy, “House Of Fury” press conference. Appearing relaxed and casual, the two stars were all smiles facing the group of media who were present. Perhaps it was due to the fact that “House Of Fury” had a successful gala premiere in Hong Kong the night before.

Second time Director Stephen was full of praise for renowned action choreographer, Yuen Wo Ping whom according to Fung has a tendency to assist upcoming budding directors. Thus employing Yuen's martial arts expertise isn't that difficult though Stephen did admit his charges were pretty stiff. The American born star who spoke in fluent accented English cited John Woo as his favourite director of all time and Bruce Lee as his inspiration. Bruce Lee's ability and spirit to conquer the world with his courage and achievements topped Stephen's list.

When asked whether “House Of Fury” and "Enter The Phoenix" (his first directorial effort about triad) has any connections or similarities to the legendary Bruce Lee's movies. Stephen simply shrugged it off as "Just a name". “House Of Fury” is more about the importance of family values explained Stephen.

Stephen who was rumoured to have some conflicts with seasoned actor Anthony Wong during the production clarified that they did had some disagreements but that's all over now. At the end of the day, both parties' motives were simply for the good of the movie. Gillian who has been keeping pretty quiet throughout suddenly chipped in with a "I don't see any hostility between the both of them during filming". Stephen even added, the thought of not working with Wong again never occurred to him and still consider him as one of the best actors in Hong Kong today.

Shortly after, when it comes to the Q&A session, a fellow female reporter who can't resist asking Stephen about his love life popped the question of is he in love with Karen Mok. Stephen at this point who seem a bit flustered replied with a short NO.

The host then diverted his attention to Gillian, the other half of pop group, Twins. Gillian who experienced a slight back injury during the filming of an action sequence where she is required to fight a group of eight men lamented nowadays she has little sleeping time as she needs to juggle between the early call ups for filming, her debut mandarin album recording and her own personal web-surfing indulgence.

Both Stephen and Gillian agrees later that filming at the sewage system was the most memorable experience during the production of "House Of Fury". "All the cast and crew have to be sent to the hospital straight after filming ended because of the toxic fumes" chuckles Stephen.

Both stars were asked a final question before the press conference ends. That is "Describe House Of Fury in one sentence". Stephen goes first citing HOF is an entertaining movie with lots of action that also talks about family values". Gillian simply says in halting mandarin: "HAO!"(meaning good in chinese)

With Stephen feeling at ease being both director and actor at the same time, expect his third movie to arrive soon, the talented young man already has a few ideas revolving in his mind though he refused to divulge any.

Meanwhile, catch "House Of Fury" in theaters come 30 March. With plenty of action, laughs, family values and a barrage of top stars including Charlene Choi, the handsome Daniel Wu and macho man, Michael Wong. What's there to loathe about "House Of Fury"? It's time to busk in the glory of Hong Kong action comedy genre once again.


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Report: Linus.T. | Photos: Leosen Teo

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