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A birthday wish can mean a lot to some people. A simple message from people who are special to you – it’s a sign that they remember, they care. But the waiting process can be a painful one, as the characters from Jungle Ma’s latest movie will tell you.

Based on a short story by Rene Liu, Happy Birthday chronicles a 10-year relationship between two people which persists on the foundation of annual birthday greetings. Liu and Louis Koo play the star-crossed couple in this romance drama.

In Singapore recently to promote the movie, the press conference sees the radiant and postured Liu and the tanned and nonchalant Koo tickling the media with their jibes at each other’s command of language. Director Ma was also present to praise their on-screen chemistry.

Moviexclusive did not miss the chance to have exclusive interviews with them to find out more about the film, as well as what birthdays meant to them.

In her pretty white top, Rene Liu breathes a whiff of freshness into the humid and scorching hot afternoon. Having starred in a few critically-acclaimed pictures like Sylvia Chang’s 20.30.40 (2004) and Feng Xiaogang’s A World Without Thieves (2004), Liu tells us that she is particularly excited about her latest film because it is based entirely on her own written work.

Louis Koo may be very good-looking, but he does not want you to pay too much attention to that. In fact, his straightforwardness tells us that this popular actor wants to be taken seriously. His vast experience working with acclaimed directors like Johnnie To in Election (2005), Benny Chan in Rob-B-Hood (2006) and Derek Yee in the upcoming Protégé is an indication that the handsome lad can adapt to all kinds of roles.

We got to see Sammi Cheng and Richie Ren in 2000’s Summer Holiday. Then we were treated to Tony Leung and Shu QI in Seoul Raiders in 2005. Jingle Ma’s feel-good works are complemented with eye candy, which he feels is especially important in a romantic flick like Happy Birthday. The experienced cinematographer also shares with us how he painted a picture of love and longing in his latest work.

Happy Birthday opens nationwide 25 Jan 06!

Reported & interview by John Li | Video by Linus Tee | Photo by Lokman BS
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