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   FOCUS First Cuts- Meet The Directors Press Conference

Location: The Balcony at The Heeren Shop | Date/Time: 9 March 2006, 2pm

In conjunction with the theatrical release of FOCUS: First Cuts (FFC) film series, a press conference was held at THE BALCONY. On the panel of speakers were five award-winning directors from FOCUS: First Cuts film series. They are: Robin Lee (Taiwan), Kelvin Tong (Singapore), Ho Yuhang (Malaysia), Ning Hao (China) and Lee Kung Lok (Hong Kong). Joining them are Kenneth Tan, MD of Golden Village and Focus Films COO Daniel Yu.

Golden Village the largest cinema circuit in Singapore will be opening their ninth cinema at Harbourfront in the middle of the year. Coincidentally with this FFC project, there will be more Chinese movies to be given the chance to grace the silver screens, explained Kenneth in his opening speech to the media present. For the uninitiated, FFC is a successful collaboration between Focus Films Limited and Golden Village Pictures (GVP) to produce and distribute the widest range of Asian titles for the Singapore audience. Focus is partly owned by HK Superstar Andy Lau.

All the directors were grateful to the fact that they were granted a chance and absolute freedom by Focus to shoot their individual projects. A few of them liked Robin Lee who hailed from a life science background was delighted in directing her first film after working several years as an assistant director.

When grilled by the emcee to talk more on their projects, our homegrown Kelvin Tong jokingly insists his movie is not about love although it's ironically entitled "Love Story". The only lady in the group, Robin Lee prefer to showcase a brighter and vibrant side of Taiwan instead of the usual gloomy arthouse productions coming out of her native land in "The Shoe Fairy". Ho Yuhang from our neighbouring country, Malaysia who is directing "Rain Dogs" is telling a story of a high school student who has just graduated from his secondary education.

Since all the movies are shot in High Definition (HD), the gang were asked how they feel about shooting in this latest technology. The most humourous of the lot, Ho laments that it's the company 's decision so he has no choice but to follow suit. Lee Kung Lok prefers to let his film do the talking. To him, a Panasonic or Sony Hi-Def videocam doesn't make any difference to his story-telling and most importantly, the audience won't be interested in that either. Pretty well-said by the man of few words.

Accordingly, most of the movies are already in post-productions except for Ning Hao's Crazy Stone. He says that all the stress and attention are now channelled upon him to quickly complete the film for release. With rights being sold to Asian countries liked Japan, Malaysia and Thailand and also scheduled to be release here from 16 March to July 2006, the FFC project looks set to soar! Golden Horse Award-winning film The Shoe Fairy will be the first of the film series, to open here on 16 March 2006. So stay tuned, we are in for a great treat!

Visit the official website for more details: http://www.focusfirstcuts.com

Report/Photos/ Layout: Linus Tee


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