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    Too Good To Diverge

It was raining stars at the Conrad on Wednesday. Director Benny Chan, the ever suave Aaron Kwok, Golden Horse winner Lee Sinjie and ex-TVB leading man, Gallen Lo were here to promote their latest action drama, "Divergence".

Wearing all smiles, Director Benny Chan began the conference by lamenting that "Divergence" is the toughest productions he had shot. To him, shooting the dramatic scenes were the most drainest as the action sequences were handled expertly by the Jackie Chan stunt team.

All the stars especially Aaron Kwok were complaining about Benny Chan's strict policy of not using stunt doubles. Having endure a long shoot the night before in addition waking up at 4am to rehearse and shoot one of the movie's stunning action sequence which involves Kwok jumping out of a window to a busy highway chasing fellow co-star Daniel Wu. Kwok was near to queasiness after several rounds of "NGs" from Benny Chan.

Lee Sinjie who has just recovered from a leg injury was repeatedly teased by fellow co-star Kwok for having the easiest role in the movie (she was spared from shooting much action scenes as her role doesn't require it). But Sinjie protested that she did have a scare when the director requested her to perform a potentially dangerous stunt for the ending.

The friendly and no-airs Gallen Lo dismissed rumours that he has taken a dismal amount of pay packet for his role despite the fact that he once was a leading man with TVB. Well to the man himself, Gallen proclaimed to much chuckles from Kwok when he said that money is not an issue to him rather, working with Benny Chan was an opportunity not to be missed.

Throughout the conference, the center of attention was none other than heavenly king Aaron Kwok who has been less prolific in recent years than before. He agreed that he has waited years before he landed such a plum role in a strong, powerful production liked "Divergence". He even adds on that he wouldn't mind assuming Sinjie's role if possible to hoots of laughter from the press members present.

When asked for his future scripts direction, the relatively quiet Benny Chan maintains that he is no doubt pursuing towards more drama oriented action movies in the future. The stars all agreed that they can't wait for Chan's next project.

The whole atmosphere of the press conference was lively and bustling with laughs. Aaron Kwok has indeed over the years matured as a pop star to an actor. Looks like the power of the heavenly king has not mellowed after all. Surprisingly, Gallen Lo in real-life is as much a real gentleman as we often see him in TV serials. Our administrator, Leosen even managed a handshake with the lanky, charismatic actor.

With a tight schedule to meet, the barrage of stars were ushered off after posing for more photos for the media. They have a busy day ahead of them, meet-the-fans at IMM and the gala premiere at Lido the following evening. So what's left for us to do? Well, don't hesitate to purchase a ticket to catch "Divergence" when it opens this week.

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